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What to do when the car is out of control

What to do when the car is out of control on the night of March 14, 2018, on the Lianhuo Expressway from Henan to Shaanxi, the cruise at a fixed speed failed at midnight, and Mercedes Benz, with a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, galloped on the expressway for nearly an hour. The traffic police of Henan and Shaanxi made full efforts to rescue it. Finally, the scene was ended by remote operation of Mercedes Benz's after-sales background. After nearly an hour's test of life and death, Mercedes Benz finally ended its "Mercedes Benz". No matter what the reason and under what circumstances, it is very dangerous for the vehicle to lose control. According to the vehicle out of control can be roughly divided into the following situations: vehicle out of control including brake failure, steering wheel failure, tire blowout, sudden loss of power and so on. Different situations and different approaches. When we face the sudden loss of control of the vehicle, we need to know several life-saving methods.

I. brake failure

When we encounter brake failure, the first time should be to release the accelerator, of course, it is not absolute. If you drive normally at high speed, you should first keep your speed, and then turn on the turn signal to change to the emergency lane. After arriving at the emergency lane, release the accelerator, and then wait until the vehicle lowers to a certain extent. Slowly pull the handbrake on the right hand to slow down the vehicle until the vehicle stops completely and the engine stops. Then turn on the hazard warning flasher and place the hazard warning sign 150 meters away from the vehicle to find out the cause. When it is necessary to move the vehicle to the repair shop, professional Trailer shall be used instead of towing or dragging without permission.

II. Steering wheel failure

The steering wheel is out of order and the driving is basically out of control. Stop the car as soon as possible and try to leave some space for the car behind. If the direction is heavy but can be controlled, continue to control the direction of the vehicle as much as possible. If the vehicle has deviated from the straight-line driving direction and the accident cannot be avoided, it is necessary to step on the brake pedal and pull up the handbrake to slow down the vehicle as soon as possible, which can shorten the stopping distance and reduce the impact force.

III. tire blowout

The direction of the vehicle is bound to deviate from the normal driving direction after the tire burst. At this time, it is necessary to keep calm, hold the steering wheel with both hands, try to keep the vehicle running in a straight state, release the accelerator and press the brake continuously, pay attention to keep a safe distance between the front and rear vehicles, turn on the steering light after the vehicle speed is reduced to a certain extent, and lean back to the side of the road when conditions permit, and slow down until the brake. Then turn on the hazard warning flash and place the hazard warning sign 150 meters away from the coming direction. If the tire does not change on its own, call the alarm number immediately. In the process of waiting for the police, the personnel on the vehicle shall stand outside the shoulder. When changing the tire, choose flat and hard ground. Do not change the tire on the slope, so as to prevent the jack from slipping and causing danger.