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315 what harm can the children's cave shoes do to expose the danger caused by the children's cave sh

315 what's the harm of exposing children's hole shoes or causing danger at this year's 315 party themed on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, it was exposed that children wearing hole shoes are easy to pinch their feet when taking a walking elevator. At the party, experts said: 'the cave shoes are soft in material, easy to deform and have a large friction coefficient, while the children are lively and active. They take the escalator and move around. If they don't pay attention, they are easy to be swept into the elevator and have an accident. "American elevator expert lax said that because the hole shoes are too soft and easy to deform, they are more likely to fall off their feet.

Hazards of Dongdong shoes;

1. It is easy to get beriberi skin diseases after wearing the shoes for a long time. Most of the hole shoes are made of plastic material, which has poor air permeability. It's easy for children who wear hole shoes in summer for a long time. Many experts say that for the structure and material of the cave shoes, it is easy to accumulate water inside. If the water can not be removed in time, and the cave shoes are difficult to absorb water, the water is difficult to volatilize, and the sole of the foot can not be dry, which will lead to diseases such as beriberi.

2. The anti slip property of the hole shoes is not very strong. Especially in rainy days, the ground is wet. Although wearing hole shoes can walk freely in rainy days, the wet ground is easy to slide, and the anti-skid performance of hole shoes is poor, so those special groups such as the elderly, pregnant women and children should not wear hole shoes as much as possible to protect their life safety.

3. Hole shoes are easy to deform and fall off from children's feet. Cave shoes belong to plastic materials, good softness, easy to deform, resulting in falling off from children's feet. If the child rides the escalator and clings to the inside of the escalator, the child's feet will fall off due to the denaturation of the hole shoes, which will easily cause the child's feet to get stuck in the gap of the escalator.