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What is the disdain chain in the circle of friends? What level are you in the disdain chain in the c Recently, a topic on Weibo has aroused widespread hot discussion. There is a disdain chain in the circle of friends. Those who have professional interests despise books, those who have books despise happiness, those who have happiness despise wealth, those who have wealth despise wechat business, those who have forwarded chicken soup despise everyone in the circle of friends. So what level are you at?

The disdain chain in the circle of friends, where are you?

Recently, there is a discussion on the Internet, is it "loading" books in the circle of friends? On the surface, it seems that there is another debate between the public and the women. In fact, this is the disdain chain of the circle of friends once again playing a role, but this time the protagonist is "book".

Before the book, public opinion also discussed how to dry bags, take selfies, and eat delicious food. At that time, drying books was still a relatively 'high-end' behavior. But any behavior, once it becomes a popular behavior, its fate is to fall into the altar, so is the drying of books.

Disdain for the word chain derives from the word food chain. The food chain is that "big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp", while contempt for the chain is that big fish despise small fish, small fish despise shrimp. Why do you look down on me? Because I think I'm higher than you. Although the term "disdain chain" was invented by the media a few years ago, the phenomenon of disdain chain has always existed, and a lot of related theories can be found in both sociology and psychology.

On the one hand, people's nature of comparison and jealousy; on the other hand, there has been a hidden hierarchical order in our social relations for a long time, and the circle of friends is the concentration of this social relationship. Finally, it is related to the characteristics of the circle of friends. The circle of friends is like the "theater" Irving middot Goffman said in "self presentation in daily life". Everyone is performing and everyone knows that they are performing each other. At this time, it's like the performance in the hot American drama "the enemy". It's inevitable that they want to crush each other on the performance and don't want to show the lice under the gorgeous robe.

So what kind of situation does the disdain chain of the circle of friends present? Who is at the bottom of the disdain chain and who is at the top of the disdain chain? We might as well divide the disdain chain of the circle of friends into seven levels to make a general explanation.

Level 7 forward rumors, chicken soup, shock

Ma Yun became the richest man because he had seen Hangzhou at three in the morning. It's so big, look at it, delete it quickly. '& hellip; & hellip;

It's not hard for us to see someone forwarding similar articles in the circle of friends. The latest pop article is someone's analysis of markron. There is no ghost story of any information source, but he has gained 100000 + and is wildly forwarded. Click to open these articles, in addition to the lower limit of content and logic show, the decoration of the inner text is often very 'local', the pictures are not in the middle, and the inner text is very popular, for fear that others don't know that he has no aesthetic sense.

Our seven aunts and eight aunts can be forgiven for forwarding similar articles, but some young people don't read books, and their brains climax when they see rumors like markron, and they have to forward them to friends to ask others to work together for high, which is clearly to tell people: I'm so ignorant, come to despise me. Good, we'll meet him.

Level 6 wechat shopping on behalf

It's not impossible to regard the circle of friends as a place of business. It's not easy to make money in the current economic downturn. You can still understand it. However, have you ever seen such micro businesses and purchasing agents? All day long, they start to spin out shopping links every two or three hours. They sell various kinds of facial mask and health care products. When you look at the referral, you know that nine times out of ten are fake products and false propaganda.

The circle of friends is a theater. People brush their circle of friends just to see a play. As a result, they brush out advertisements without paying attention. Isn't it as annoying as the TV series in the previous advertisements? Besides, your advertisement is not forced at all. It's a virtue like selling aphrodisiac drugs in four line TV. It's tolerant that you don't get the bottom in the chain of contempt.

Level 5: low-level and rich

There is a kind of drying bag, called Guo Meimei style drying bag. I bought a bag, and then told the world that I bought a bag. The intention is obvious. I want to show off my wealth, but also want to beat each other psychologically and aggressively: how about envy? There is a kind of sun eating, which is called pangolin childe style sun eating. I have a meal, and I need to make up for it in a light way. I have to eat with some leader, or I didn't expect XX

Expensive wine is so hard to drink. In fact, I want to tell you that I am not an ordinary person.

There is a change in people's attitude towards this kind of low-level ostentation of wealth. At first, there were many admirers, then there were more imitators. It's like that someone in the circle of friends always sends photos, but the pictures and texts don't match seriously. In the words, "I'm so tired today", the picture is hand holding the steering wheel, and there's a Cadillac logo on the steering wheel. In the words, "I went to make my nails today, did the color look good?" the picture is really beautiful, but there's a brand-new diamond ring & hellip; & hellip; people are in the circle of friends every day Under such stimulation, Li soon found out the routine and the immune effect. Instead of being overwhelmed by the rich people, Guo Meimei took the initiative psychologically -- she is waiting for you.

Level 4 selfie and beauty

Although there is a smartphone that can take selfies, at first most people won't take selfies on social media, because most people are either ordinary looking people or ugly ordinary people. But beauty software is the good news for these people, because it is powerful enough to turn ugly betty into Johnson & Middleton; Scarlett. The rough skin can make the skin smooth and dull with one key, brighten and fat with one key, and slim with one key & hellip; & hellip; especially the beauty software is constantly innovating, and even can p the rabbit's ears and nose in the human image, covering the most shabby parts in a flash.

Selfie should be real, but in the circle of friends, we see all the processed truth -- close to the false. People always fantasize that they are perfect, beauty camera is the most effortless and nihilistic way to achieve it, so many people enjoy it. A university in Michigan in the United States rated the 'Annoying words' that should be discarded most in 2013, and' selfie 'scored the highest. David Middleton Krieger, who took part in the vocabulary review, described 'selfie' as saying, 'take your smartphone away and no one will see you'.

Don't use p too hard. No one will look at you and roll your eyes when you see it.

Level 3 Book drying

The book publishing discussed in the public opinion is probably at this level. As a person who reads at least 200000 words a week, the author may still be qualified to talk about this topic. Just like the author, he hardly publishes books. It's very simple. For a real large number of readers, there are few books that can touch him to express his feelings and discuss in the circle of friends. Only those who don't read very much can read a "reader" article and have a "revolutionary" awareness. After reading a third class novel, they regard it as a classic. Second, reading, the key is to read the book, after reading the book, spend time and energy to make the reading notes, rather than busy in the circle of friends to dry the book and sigh, such reading is like eating wine and meat through the intestines, soon forgotten by you completely, reading is no different from not reading.

Finally, because of the action of drying books, it has been stigmatized by a group of bad performers in the circle of friends. There are many strategies on the Internet that are similar to how to dry books gracefully in a circle of friends, such as matching books with coffee, paying attention to composition and lighting. As a result, the popular sun drying books in the circle of friends all have a strong Japanese cold wind. Seeing such pictures, we can basically guess the situation beyond the pictures. After taking the pictures, throw the books away, as if you will never read it again.

Level 2 show love, sun baby and other daily

It's annoying to have a kind of show love and sun baby in the circle of friends. For example, 'my husband really loves me. I love my husband the most, Murda. I love you for ten thousand years'. Please tell me in private if you are extremely coquettish. The annoying sun baby is advertising and canvassing for children all day long like wechat business. The child is the little emperor in his parents' mind, but not everyone's.

But most of the time, show affection and bask in a baby, do not provoke people's antipathy, in the circle of friends, it has a hot life atmosphere, a rare sense of reality. It's happiness from the heart to record some small details in the relationship between husband and wife or the growth of children. Once a person is happy, he inevitably wants to call for love in the center of the world. The sharing of the circle of friends is a small overflow of happiness. It's not that the party intentionally wants to expose or show it. He is really happy.

With the show of love, sun and baby side by side, it is in the circle of friends sent out emotion, vomit vomit slot. Everyone in the theater was performing. They talked loudly as if they were nobody else. They accidentally exposed the emperor's new clothes. Of course, some nagging always regard the circle of friends as a tree hole. There are ten or eight items sent all day long, one for getting up, one for good night, and one for every big or small thing. It's really true, but it's not true or beautiful. You don't care so much about your life. Thank you.

Level 1 Theatre

In the circle of friends despise the top of the chain, it is natural to see a play. This kind of people either don't send out the circle of friends, or send out the circle of friends but never send out their personal life and feelings. They regard the circle of friends as an intransitive thing, a workplace, a place without feelings. They are either detached high-ranking people, or indifferent spectators, or lonely patients who think they are wise and actually, only they will be free and bored to observe other people's circle of friends, and then they need to create a clear chain of contempt by level. Because I'm busy shooting myself, I don't think I have time to laugh at those who buy on behalf of others, and those who are busy drying their baby, and I don't think it's a big deal for others to forward rumors. This may be the tragedy of the audience, but it's not the tragedy of the performers. Everyone is too deep into the play to be aware of it.

All in all, you can not identify with the disdain chain of the circle of friends, you can also enjoy it in the performance, but don't forget that there is a real vast real life circle outside the circle of friends, which really belongs to you, full of unknown challenges and risks, needs your high concentration and continuous efforts. No matter how wonderful the circle of friends is, no matter how bad the circle of real life is, it is sad; no matter how wonderful the circle of real life is, no matter how despised it is, you are also the winner of life. For example, if you live a happy life, you can ridicule the author of this article: write so long and wordy, do you have a Beijing hukou?

Such disdain, a word can choke the author.