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What did CCTV 315 show expose? Which enterprises were exposed in 2018 315 show

The CCTV 315 party in 2018 exposed the following problems. Let's have a look.

Water in Volkswagen Touareg engine

'Shanzhai Lulu' and other drinks are mixed crazily

You didn't discuss the draw pit in the jewelry store

A large number of building materials enterprises confuse "non-standard" with "national standard" and "black heart" with "recycled material" for water pipe

Road construction 'Jerry building' road marking 'traffic hazard'

Sharing bicycle deposit was named by CCTV

Unqualified battery protection device of electric bicycle is easy to cause fire

The 2018 CCTV 3.15 party will be broadcast live on CCTV financial channel at 20:00 tonight. The theme of the party is "building order and sharing quality". In addition to the exposure cases that we all pay attention to, this party has also increased the intensity of consumption early warning, and rejected the fake and shoddy products by enhancing the discrimination ability of consumers. Tencent Finance reported the whole process.

In this year's 315 party, the events that infringed on consumers' rights and interests exposed include: quality problems of Volkswagen tourui, jinshunyuan food mountain village lulu in Zaozhuang, a large number of building materials enterprises confuse "non-standard" as "national standard", road construction "Jerry built" road marking "with" traffic hidden danger ", deposit problems of shared bicycles, unqualified battery protection devices of electric bicycles, etc.

These enterprises, products and consumption traps infringe on the rights and interests of consumers:

Exposure of serious quality problems caused by water ingress in Volkswagen Touareg engine

In 2017, the sales volume of China's automobile market reached 28.88 million, which is equivalent to 1 / 3 of the global automobile sales. China's huge automobile consumption market has a huge attraction for any automobile enterprise. So, we saw a lot of car companies coming, with advanced technology, new models, of course, with their own strong brand, they all hope to be able to share one more piece of cake in China, the world's largest automobile consumer market. However, no matter how well-known these enterprises are, whether they can win the trust and favor of Chinese consumers ultimately depends more on whether they have a sincere respect for Chinese consumers.

"The engine stalls automatically and can't be turned on any more" & hellip; "the steering wheel can't be turned on and the brake can't be braked. That's really fate & hellip; 'in recent years, some' Volkswagen Touareg 'owners reported to the 4S shop that the engine suddenly failed. After inspection, the 4S shop maintenance personnel found that the cause of the vehicle stalling was related to the water in the engine. Some car owners recalled that the day before the accident, her car was just drenched in rain all night. Does it have anything to do with it? In order to find out the reason, the car owner decided to do an experiment. She poured water from the front of the car. What she didn't expect was that the water flowed into the air inlet of the engine along the gap between the engine cover and the right headlight. According to the owners, the design of the air inlet position of tourui is an important reason for the engine water inflow. In the face of this problem, Volkswagen gives a solution: remove the unnecessary drain valve of the intake pipe to strengthen the drainage function. However, in the face of such a solution, the owners also expressed their concerns, which will reduce the wading depth of tourui. 'we dare not cross-country, we dare not wade, which means that the meaning of buying this car doesn't exist. '

Under the guidance of AQSIQ's launch of defect investigation and repeated interviews and urging, on March 7, 2018, the eve of 3 & middot; 15 international consumer rights day, Volkswagen (China) Sales Co., Ltd. issued a recall statement, and gave a solution, removing the drain valve at the bottom of the vehicle's intake pipe, and installing an additional deflector at the engine's intake port. From the recall statement, the car owners saw that the attitude of the car enterprises had finally changed, but whether the solution could completely solve the problem of water inflow at the air inlet of the vehicle and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers remains to be seen.

'Shanzhai Lulu' and other fake products are exposed on the list of yixiangyuan and jinshunyuan

'stabilizers, acesulfame, aspartame, potassium sorbate, cyclamate & hellip;' various additives + two tons of pure water + walnut essence = this' walnut peanut 'is popular on the market. This product has neither walnut nor peanut. The flavor of walnut depends on Walnut essence. One can of juice can produce 8000 bottles of 'walnut and peanut'. In addition to following the trend in product type, some companies also take great pains in outer packaging. The products are very similar to a brand of walnut milk. There is only one more word for 'six pure walnuts';' six walnut 'and' six cereal walnuts', which are just one stroke differences. Appearance design, packaging color, composition and spokesperson image are also the main contents of their imitation, which is hard to distinguish. Some practitioners told reporters that these imitated products are mainly sold to some third and fourth tier cities and rural markets.

CCTV has concentrated on the following fake Enterprises: Zaozhuang chukang Food Co., Ltd., Zaozhuang jinshunyuan Food Co., Ltd., Zaozhuang yixiangyuan Food Technology Co., Ltd., and Zaozhuang Xuri food and Beverage Co., Ltd. Among them, Zaozhuang jinshunyuan Food Co., Ltd. was exposed in the fake process. In the CCTV reporter's investigation video, the enterprise used peanut butter to mix walnut dew to reduce the cost.

According to CCTV, various Shanzhai "Xiaoming schoolmates", "Red Bull drinks" and "coconut drinks" are flooding the rural market. According to the investigation of the reporter, there are various ways to imitate these products.

According to the illegal acts found in the inspection, Zaozhuang food and Drug Administration investigated and punished three enterprises, ordered three enterprises to recall the involved products, transferred the illegal acts such as false labeling, counterfeiting and trademark infringement to the market supervision department for filing and handling according to law, and transferred two enterprises suspected of criminal acts to the public security department for handling. At present, the legal representatives of the two enterprises, Liang and Xu, have been controlled by the public security department according to law.

You didn't discuss the draw pit in the jewelry store

When buying jewelry, you can also win thousands of yuan of gifts in the lottery. This scene is frequently performed in commercial pedestrian streets, tourist attractions, even shopping malls and supermarkets. However, consumers don't know that there are lots of lottery scams behind them! At a jewelry and craft gift shop in Chunxi Road, Chengdu, the reporter bought a souvenir and got 4 raffle tickets. Unexpectedly, the first prize was scraped out. The salesperson excitedly told the reporter that one or three pieces of jewelry could be taken away for free. However, when the reporter selected a piece of gold and Tian jade pendant with a price of 5830 yuan, the salesperson suddenly changed his mouth and asked the reporter to bear 18% of the appraisal fee. After paying 1049 yuan, the salesperson warmly asked the reporter to wear the red rope which symbolizes good luck. Is it really so lucky? An old salesman of a specialty store has a mystery: in fact, every day, the store will deliberately 'arrange' dozens of customers to get the first prize. In order to cheat customers' trust, the on-the-spot performance of the sales staff is in place. What's more surprising is that the wholesale price of jade ornaments priced at the lottery counter is only tens to more than 100 yuan in the jewelry city. The red rope, which symbolizes good luck, is also a code used by the sales staff to mark the cheated customers and tell the peers to stop and avoid helping! The sales staff: 'on these cheated customers, they can earn 30000 yuan a day. '

A large number of building materials enterprises confuse "non-standard" with "national standard", "black heart" with "recycled material" for water pipe

CCTV 3 & middot; 15 evening party exposed a large number of building materials enterprises in the production of water supply pipes and drainage pipes intended to confuse the national standard and non-standard product logo.

The reporter found that there is a kind of water pipe on the market, which is one third cheaper than the price of the "National Standard Version" product, because of the addition of cheap recycled materials in the production process. Some insiders say that many recycled materials are made of foreign garbage. Such pipes are buried underground for a long time, which are easy to leak, rupture and burst, and will directly affect public safety. In fact, some practitioners are very clear that the water pipes with recycled materials can not meet the requirements, but they still make the problem products flow to the market through concealed means of fraud.

Whether it is the non-standard corrugated pipe for drainage or the non-standard water supply pipe for water supply, the addition of recycled materials in raw materials is an important reason for these products not to reach the national standard. Some plant leaders told reporters that most of these recycled materials are purchased from outside.

In Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, although some enterprises produce drainage pipes according to the enterprise standards, most of the products are not marked with the words of drainage pipes, instead, four blue lines are added to the outer wall of the pipes to pretend to be water supply pipes.

The exposed enterprises include: Zhongyi building materials Co., Ltd., Luoyang Jiutong Pipe Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Tongshun Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Daying Plastics Co., Ltd., etc.