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New definition of hypertension released in the United States what causes hypertension

New definition of hypertension released in the United States what causes hypertension the American Heart Association and the American Heart Association have released more stringent new hypertension guidelines, which define hypertension as blood pressure over 130 / 80 mmHg. According to the new index, nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure. Now more and more people have high blood pressure, not only the elderly, but also the young people will have high blood pressure, so what is the cause of high blood pressure?

1. Heredity: hypertension disease has obvious family clustering and genetic tendency. It is estimated that at least 20% - 40% of blood pressure variation in the population is also the cause of hypertension. The incidence of hypertension was 3% in children without hypertension, 28% in one parent, and 46% in children with hypertension.

2. High salt. The salt content of Chinese diet is much higher than that of western people. In the northern part of China, 12-18 grams of salt are consumed every day; in the southern part of China, each person takes about 8 grams of salt every day. In addition to the high salt content, there is a tendency of low potassium, low calcium and low animal protein in our diet. High sodium diet is also the cause of hypertension, and low potassium, low calcium, low animal protein diet structure will aggravate the high sodium on blood pressure caused by a very adverse effect.

3. Poor living habits, bad living habits and eating habits may cause the rise of blood pressure, especially the diet has an important impact on the development of hypertension, coronary heart disease and stroke. Excessive salt intake, large amount of alcohol consumption, large amount of smoking and excessive fat intake can cause hypertension. Other studies have shown that people who often stay up late are prone to high blood pressure, or even stroke, while their lives are orderly, and the proportion of people who usually go to bed early and get up early is low.

4. Overweight and obesity, no matter the people with high blood pressure or the people with normal blood pressure, no matter the adults or teenagers, the arterial blood pressure has a very obvious relationship with their relative weight. The higher the weight, the greater the possibility of suffering from high blood pressure. This is a common cause of hypertension.

5. The pressure of work and life is great. With the continuous development of the society, the pressure of competition is more and more intense. In addition to the price rise and the price rise, the pressure of people's life is more and more intense. It is easy to cause a series of changes in the human body, including the increase of catecholamine secretion in the body, which will cause the contraction of blood vessels, the aggravation of heart load and hypertension.