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How to choose jade ornaments in shopping malls

Gold is priceless and jade is priceless. A good jade can make you more smart and elegant, and also add to your noble spirit. How to choose a good jade in the market? These skills may help you.

Since ancient times, Chinese people love jade as a kind of culture and national characteristics. Many people like beautiful jade, but they don't know how to choose good jade. So it's not enough to have a heart of appreciation but no unique vision.

The wearing of jade can ensure safety. In the crust, jade absorbs a lot of minerals, which are very helpful for human health. Many kinds of minerals are necessary for human body. After wearing for a long time, when the jade contacts with the skin, it will slowly absorb the minerals in the jade.

For the human body, the body will be more and more healthy, can also suppress people's anxious mood, let people have a peaceful mind. Wearing jade for a long time can not only affect people's skin, make the skin more lustrous, but also affect people's character and temperament, as the so-called "humble gentleman, warm as jade" should be.

The skill of choosing jade

1. Nephrite and jadeite

Jade culture has a mysterious oriental color. In the history of China, jade plays a special and important role. It is the representative of identity, status, love, alliance, etc. for thousands of years, jade culture has been accompanied by the inheritance of Chinese classical culture and art, and jade culture has also been labeled as China. In the jade, whether it is nephrite or jadeite, they all have the unique quality of jade, and they are all people's favorite ornaments.

2. Color of jade

The selection of jade quality focuses on quality. When selecting, we must pay attention to how the jade quality is. We can't just look at the surface. It's just the so-called "no skin, no hair". If we have a foundation, there will be others. So we must first look at its quality and look at the color. The selection of color should be based on the main color, and the selection of white jade should be based on the standard of white, white and moist;

The selection of sapphire should be based on the standard of green, which should be transparent. Generally, topaz will not have other colors, and the deeper the color, the better. If the topaz is slightly red, there is a real topaz. As the name suggests, the ink like black paint is a good commodity jade.

Precautions for buying good jade

1. Don't follow the trend blindly

To see the essence through the phenomenon, we should start from farming. Jadeite jade is more about quality than name.

2. More comparison, three goods comparison

All the sellers hope that their jadeite comes from a famous family. It's no fault. It's justifiable to boast more. At this time, you should be calm and calm. Generally, you should adopt the method of "seeing more and buying less". You can only buy some that you have great confidence in and are optimistic about.

3. Sharing knowledge with others is actually the fastest way to learn knowledge.

Many novices may often pay tuition fees. In the beginning, if you buy inferior or even fake goods at a high price, don't feel ashamed. It's a good thing to be found out. For example, you unfortunately bought a fake or expensive one today. At this time, you can share it with others. What is the magic power of the jade you bought that drives you to dig out your pocket? You can only really gain the most blood seeing knowledge by speaking out your own problems.