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Who is new world man one? New world Xu Tian player Yin Fang profile

recently, the TV series "new world" has been highly praised since its launch, and Douban's score has reached 8.2. It can be seen that "new world" is a masterpiece of high quality. So who is the hero in the new world? Who is Xu Tian's actor? This article introduces the role of the new world and the profile of Xu Tian's actor Yin Fang.

Who is the first man in the new world TV series

In terms of role composition, Xu Tian should also be the No. 1 man. After all, Wanxi, the No. 1 woman, was finally with him. On January 13, the TV series "new world" was officially launched. The strong cast attracted the attention of netizens. Sun Honglei and Zhang Luyi alone can support the rhythm of an anti Japanese war drama.

Role introduction of new world TV series

"New world" tells the legendary story of the citizen little people represented by Jinhai (Sun Honglei), Tielin (Zhang Luyi) and Xu Tian (Yin Fang) on the eve of the peaceful liberation of Peiping in 1949. The eldest brother Jinhai played by sun Honglei has both a righteous and persistent side and a domineering side. The second brother Tielin played by Zhang Luyi is ill fated, and the third brother Xu Tian played by Yin Fang has the spirit of a hot-blooded teenager.

New world Xu Tian player Yin Fang profile

Yin Fang, born in 86, studied dance since childhood. At the age of 11, he was admitted to Beijing Opera Art Vocational College. In 2002, he was admitted to Beijing Normal University. He graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2006 with a double bachelor's degree in literature and management.

In 2008, Yin Fang, who was transformed into a non dancer, returned to the stage again. Since then, Yin Fang has created many amazing dance works and performed many times in major theaters and art festivals abroad. After that, Yin Fang also went well in the dance industry. Until he starred in the first film blue bone and officially became a screen actor. Later, Yin Fang took part in such works as hotpot hero, passing by the future, Qinghe Gaonan, action in the Red Sea, flying life and so on.

Role introduction:

"Young you" plays Zheng Yi

"Flying life" plays Hong Kuo

"Operation Red Sea" plays Li understand

Passing by the future plays Li Xinmin

Hot pot hero plays Monkey King

"Qinghe male Gao" plays Tan Jiamu

"Blue bones" plays Zhong Hua