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How to use UnionPay cloud flash payment tutorial

How to use UnionPay cloud flash payment tutorial

Four seas network: in the past two years, mobile payment has become more and more convenient. People can get everything done with mobile phones. Apart from Alipay and WeChat, UnionPay cloud flash payment is a fast way to pay. Many people still don't know how to use it. Let's look at it together.

"Cloud flash payment" needs a mobile phone that supports its functions first. At present, "cloud flash payment" only supports Android system, so a mobile phone with Android system must be prepared first, and this mobile phone must have near-field payment function (this depends on the model of the mobile phone, and you can check whether your mobile phone has this function on the Internet)

The cardholder needs to go to the relevant bank to open the mobile banking (the silver interest counter can handle it), and then generate a cloud flash card in the mobile banking app.

After the above two steps are met, the payment can be made by waving the mobile phone on the POS machine with UnionPay's' flash payment 'logo (it is not necessary to open the mobile banking app, as long as the screen is lit near the POS machine). This kind of payment experience is more convenient, does not need the mobile phone network, more conforms to the present people's needs.

4 'if the mobile phone is lost inadvertently, the cloud flash card can report the loss in the bank, and the loss incurred by the user during the period can be covered by insurance. At present, the proportion of POS terminals supporting cloud flash payment by UnionPay exceeds 60%.

It is understood that the first batch of commercial banks to release 'cloud flash payment' has exceeded 20, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, etc., while 25 well-known merchants such as Carrefour, McDonald's and Watsons have also participated in UnionPay exclusive preferential policies.