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How to keep the flowers in a vase

How to keep the flowers in a vase after many people buy or receive flowers, they will first find a bottle to hold some water so that the flowers can bloom for a few more days. However, this method is not enough. The life of flowers is still very short. What about extending the life of flowers in the bottle? Now I have some tips to teach you.

Pretreatment before inserting vase

1. Water cutting method

Cut the flower branches in the water, so that the cut does not contact with the air when leaving the mother body, but pay attention to the flower head must be exposed to the water.

2. Heat treatment method

There are two methods of heat treatment: soaking and scalding. Soaking and scalding is to immerse the ends of flower branches of herbaceous flowers in boiling water for 10 seconds or hot water for 2 minutes, and then take them out and insert them into the bottle. This can play the role of blocking the incision, preventing the overflow of flower branch tissue liquid, and thus prolonging the flowering period. Burn method is to burn the ends of woody flowers on the flame for 2-3 minutes, cut off the burnt flowers and put them into alcohol for 1 minute, then rinse them in water and insert them into the bottle, which can not only prevent the catheter tissue of the flowers from being blocked, but also prevent the cut of the flowers from being infected by bacteria, so that the flowers can continuously get water supply.

3. Physical treatment of incision

The first is to cut the cut into an inclined plane to increase the water absorption area of the flower branch; the second is to break the brittle flower branch of some branches directly by hand to expand the cut and prevent the vessel tissue of the flower branch from being damaged; the third is to split the longitudinal plane of the cut into several parts and embed the small stone particles to open the cut; the fourth is to slightly twist the end of the cut flower branch about 3cm to increase the water absorption area and extend it Long flower arrangement life. In general, the method of oblique cutting and open cutting should be used for plants and flowers, and the method of twirling and twirling should be used for woody flowers and plants.

4. Increasing nutrition

Sugar, vitamin, growth hormone and medical painkiller can be added into the water of flower arrangement container, which can not only prolong the fresh-keeping time of flowers, but also extend the flowering period, but also must be appropriate.

Maintenance method after inserting vase

1. Clean water

When arranging flowers, clean water should be used. If tap water is used, it should be placed for one day and then reused.

2. Moderate water volume

The water depth should be above the incision, and the water surface and air should have the largest contact surface. The water depth of the disk container should be the height of the flower arrangement cut to ensure that the flower branch cut can absorb water in time; the water depth of the bottle container should be at the widest part of the bottle body, because the water surface and the air contact surface are the largest, which is conducive to the smooth breath of the flower branch and the reduction of bacterial infection.

3. Change water frequently

Water shall be changed every 1-2 days in spring and summer, and every 2-3 days in autumn and winter (in order to prevent water deterioration, a small amount of salt and other preservatives can be put in). When changing water, it is necessary to remove the damaged flowers and leaves, cut the flower branches properly, replace the cut again, and spray water on the flower material.

4. Reasonable arrangement

Avoid direct sunlight in summer and stay away from heating in winter. Otherwise, it will accelerate the respiration of flower branches and evaporation of water, which will easily cause flower wilting. In addition, we must pay attention not to put the vase flowers near the mature fruit, because the fruit will release ethylene, which will also cause the flowers to wither early.