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How to make the black silver jewelry bright

We all have experience. The silver belt will turn black for a while. How can the silver turn black? How can the black silver glow with its original luster?

The reason why silver jewelry turns black is that in the process of silver jewelry processing, people usually add 7.5% copper or other metals in order to improve the hardness and obtain the best molding effect, so this kind of silver jewelry is called standard silver in the world, in which the silver content is 92.5%, which is why it is called 925 pure silver. To say that the purity is high, it is 990 pure silver, so as the name suggests, it contains silver Up to 99%. The reason why silver jewelry turns black after wearing for a long time is that when silver jewelry is exposed to air for a long time, it will react with hydrogen sulfide in the air and generate black silver sulfide, which is the main reason for silver jewelry turning black.

In fact, pay attention to the maintenance of the silver jewelry. The silver jewelry can shine as new as before. Here are some tips to make the silver jewelry return to its original brightness and make your beloved silver jewelry return to its original appearance.

How to deal with the blackening of silver ornaments

1. Wipe with toothpaste, directly wipe the toothpaste on the silver ornament, and then add a little water. After rubbing out the foam, brush the seam with toothbrush to prevent the foam from entering the seam, so that the silver jewelry becomes extremely clean.

2. First, dip cotton in white vinegar to wipe, and then dissolve black silver sulfide in ester acid, or soak it in overnight tea, so that the silver ornaments will show luster again.

3. There is another method that you may not know, that is to use the correction fluid to apply the correction fluid to the silver ornaments, and then use a cloth to wipe the silver ornaments before the correction fluid is dry, which is absolutely effective and practical.