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What is the harm of husband's sexual behavior during menstrual period?

News Guide: Chen Mou, an employee of Xinyu brick factory, forced his wife Liu Mou to have a house in the middle of the night. His wife was angry and hated him. Liu Mou cut his husband to death with a spade and kitchen knife. On June 6, an interview with reporters learned that Xinyu intermediate people's court sentenced Liu Mou to death for intentional homicide with a two-year reprieve and life-long deprivation of political rights.

For young people, sex is frequent and intense. For women, having sex during menstruation is very harmful to their health. No man will have a forced relationship with his wife during menstruation. Here is a brief introduction to the harm of menstrual sex?

1. Menstrual intercourse may cause infertility

The main damage of menstrual sexual life is infertility. As the sperm meet with the overflowing blood cells in the damaged part of endometrium, it may enter the blood, cause the immune cell allergy in the blood, and affect the body to produce antisperm antibody. This antibody can exist in the cervical mucus and serum of girls. Once the sperm antibody touches the sperm again, it will arouse the immune exclusion phenomenon of the body, and then affect the combination of sperm and egg.

2. Vaginal opening is prone to inflammation and swelling

If girls want to have sex during menstruation, it is necessary for men to use condoms. This is because the menstrual secretion of girls will enter into the male urethra, which will cause the male to have urethritis. Moreover, because of the reason of blood, the lubricity of vagina is greatly reduced. Violent sexual intercourse may cause inflammation and swelling of female vagina mouth.

3. Cause endometriosis

Menstrual period is a procedure for girls' endometrium to fall out of the body. If you have sex during this period, you will not be able to expel the falling endometrium from the vagina, and it will be pressed back into the abdominal cavity, which will become the cause of endometriosis.