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How to treat mild fatty liver

How to treat mild fatty liver

Sihaiwang: fatty liver is a common clinical disease, because most patients with fatty liver have no obvious symptoms, so it has not attracted enough attention. Generally, the mild fatty liver found in the early stage is caused by many reasons, such as obesity, drinking, diabetes, drug poisoning, hyperlipidemia or hepatitis, which may also be caused by the sudden change of lifestyle or eating habits in the near future. But if not treated in time, fatty liver will develop into a serious disease. Mild fatty liver should be found early and treated early, four methods are taught to you.

I. exercise

Adequate exercise can effectively reduce excess fat, improve insulin resistance, and reduce fat deposition in the liver. It is suggested that patients choose moderate intensity aerobic exercise, including running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, dancing, etc. The intensity of exercise should not be too small. The moderate intensity aerobic exercise should be carried out for 150 minutes every week. Try to be 'able to sit or lie down, stand or sit, walk or stand, fast or slow'.

II. Treatment for etiology

For mild fatty liver, it can be treated according to the etiology. For example, diabetic fatty liver should actively treat diabetes, alcoholic fatty liver patients should stop drinking, and obese fatty liver should control weight. At the same time to avoid all kinds of toxic drugs to the liver.

III. diet treatment

As we all know, the source of heat energy is protein, fat and sugar in food, and its demand is related to age, gender, type of work and other factors. High heat energy intake can make people's weight increase and fat synthesis increase, thus accelerating the steatosis of liver cells. Therefore, we should formulate and adhere to a reasonable diet system. Lean meat, fish, egg white and fresh vegetables are rich in lipophilic substances. High fiber foods help to increase the sense of fullness and control blood sugar and lipids, which is particularly important for mild fatty liver caused by over nutrition.

IV. drug treatment

Fatty liver is closely related to cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia and glucose metabolism. Patients with simple fatty liver have no obvious improvement after six months of basic treatment, such as diet and exercise. They can choose weight-loss drugs or metformin to help them lose weight under the guidance of doctors. Patients with elevated transaminase can choose polyene phosphatidylcholine, vitamin E and other drugs to prevent inflammation and fibrosis in the liver and reduce the risk of cirrhosis. According to the type and degree of hyperlipidemia and the probability of arteriosclerotic cardio cerebrovascular disease, the patients with fatty liver with hyperlipidemia should decide whether to use lipid-lowering drugs.