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March 15, 2018 slogan March 15, 2018

Today is 315 international consumer rights day, many units have pulled out banners. Here is the theme and slogan of this year's 315. Let's refer to it!

1. Expanding consumption is the need of economic development

2. Guide consumers to consume reasonably and promote market prosperity and development

3. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

4. Protect consumption rights and create a fair consumption environment

5. Resolve consumption disputes and promote social harmony

6. Vigorously promote the construction of social credit system

7. Advocate honesty, promote business and promote social fairness and justice

8. Actively carry out national consumption education, guide people's scientific and reasonable consumption

9. People oriented, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

10. Fully perform the seven legal functions of the consumer association and make new contributions to the construction of a harmonious socialist society