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How to deal with bad sleep

How to deal with bad sleep

Sihaiwang: sleep is indispensable for everyone. In today's society and under heavy pressure, poor sleep and insomnia have become a common problem. A good night's sleep makes people feel refreshed and full of vitality. Learning, work and life are full of vitality. If you don't sleep well, you will feel listless, unsatisfied and reluctant. Long term insomnia is more debilitating. So how can we solve the problem of bad sleep?

1. Before you go to bed, you can drink a glass of milk, especially for those who don't sleep well. You can drink a little more than ten minutes before you go to bed to make it easier for you to fall asleep. Before going to bed, the more relaxed you are, the better. Don't worry that you may only sleep three or four hours today. Worry that your lack of sleep will affect your work the next day.

2. In the hours before going to bed, please don't eat too many indigestible and greasy foods, and don't eat too many portions, because eating too much can easily increase the workload of the stomach, which is easy to damage the stomach, and the sleep is not improved.

3. The requirements of sleep volume vary from person to person, and people of different ages are also different. The younger the age is, the more sleep volume is needed. With the increase of age, sleep will gradually decrease. A person does not have to sleep eight or seven hours a day. A reasonable amount of sleep should be based on the standard of relieving fatigue, maintaining a happy spirit, and carrying out a good day's work and study.

4. Don't drink a lot of alcoholic beverages before going to bed, including beer and other alcohol. Although they can promote people to sleep, they will affect the quality of sleep. When the calming effect of alcohol is over, you will wake up immediately. Half an hour before going to bed, soak the bathtub, take a full hot bath, turn on the mobile phone or radio, play some soft and pleasant songs, make the mood more comfortable and conducive to sleeping.

5. Create a good sleeping atmosphere and let yourself fall asleep consciously. Pillow and bed are important conditions to ensure sleep, so choose an ideal pillow, comfortable pillow is very in line with human structure, in line with science. The best choice is plank bed, the height of pillow degree should always be, scientific pillow height should be 6-9 cm.