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Do you know what perfume to use correctly on different occasions?

Do you know what perfume to use correctly on different occasions?

Four seas network: different mood and occasion should choose different perfume, not only to highlight their personality, but also to reflect your taste and accomplishment, and leave a good first impression to others. But wearing perfume is like wearing clothes, not just choosing the perfume that is suitable for oneself, but also using perfume to distinguish the occasion in different places. Otherwise, it may bring bad impression to people.

I. grand venue

At the annual meeting or some large gathering, people who are usually not interested can move some thoughts on the perfume so that the ugly duckling usually becomes the focus of attention at once. It is appropriate for a ceremonious place to choose some gorgeous and rich perfume, with gorgeous evening wear and accessories. Of course, it can also be innovative. Apart from showing the atmosphere and maturity, you can also choose to highlight your personal charm. You can choose perfume that contains strong musk or amber, so that the people around you can be attracted to you. You can also choose roses or violets to show the unique charm of young women. Spray on the collarbone and waist to make the smell more slowly, and the change of fragrance will also slow down, so that you can keep the best state of the whole party.

2. Family party

Family gatherings must be elegant, low-key, approachable and refreshing. If you choose those strong fragrances, you may be unhappy with your predecessors, let alone the sweet fruit perfume at home parties. This is the best choice at this time. Fresh grapefruit and lemon, sweet peach blossom and citrus fragrance, and interesting lychee and pomegranate flavor can be highlighted. Your active personality, if you have always been an active member of family gatherings, let the sweet and greasy aroma surround you!

3. Nightclub Carnival

If you want to highlight your personality, it is the best choice for a nightclub to use perfume with various fragrances, because you do not have to be strict in specific etiquette or care about the unfriendly eyes of the people around you. At this moment, whether the fruit aroma, the fragrance of flowers and the mellow wood fragrance can be chosen for you, and how to dress your favorite nightdress, it is not too much to dress up. If you have a little bit of boyishness in your personality, you can't overuse it.

IV. travel

Whether traveling alone or traveling together, choosing a good perfume suitable for yourself can make the mood of the trip more pleasant, let the fragrance accompany with a relaxed and happy mood, temporarily unload all troubles, and embrace the sunshine, the beach, the green hills and the green water. Ocean fragrance, flower fragrance and fruit and wood fragrance can make you feel integrated with nature, because the smell from nature is brought back to nature by you.