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2018 primary and secondary school teacher qualification certificate confirmation time what materials

In the eyes of the students who have passed the written examination and the interview, they can apply for the teacher's qualification certificate at the teacher's qualification certification institution. When is the confirmation time of the teacher qualification certificate? What materials should be prepared for the confirmation of the teacher qualification certificate? What are the common problems? Let's take a look at these reference information as soon as possible.

Qualification certificate of primary and secondary school teachers in 2018

According to the relevant provisions of the state, the qualified teachers in the primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination also need to apply to the corresponding teachers' qualification certification institutions (namely, the Education Bureau) to obtain the corresponding teachers' qualification certificates. This is to notify the following about the application of qualified teachers in the primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination:

1. Please log in to the website of the provincial education administrative department, or according to the notice requirements of the Education Bureau to apply for accreditation, understand the accreditation policy, accreditation process, online registration time, registration website, on-site confirmation time, confirmation place, mandarin test, physical examination and materials to be submitted.

2. The applicant is requested to timely report the online application time and website of the teacher qualification certification published by the Education Bureau of the place where the household registration is located, or the place where the applicant's personnel file relationship is located (where the fresh graduates are located to the school where they study), so as to prevent the wrong identification. Please pay attention to "Shanghai Education Talent Network" (www.shehr. CN) for the application time and website of applicants in Shanghai, and "China teacher qualification network" (www.jszg. Edu. CN) for applicants in other provinces.

3. For the specific application process and materials to be submitted, in addition to inquiring about the Education Bureau to be applied for accreditation, you can also check the answers to questions such as "how to obtain the teacher's qualification certificate for the national examination qualified personnel" in the column of "frequently asked questions" of "China teacher qualification network".

What materials are needed for the confirmation of teachers' qualification certificate

There are written examination and interview in the teacher qualification examination. Candidates need to pass all the subjects of the written examination before they can apply for the interview. After the interview, the teacher qualification certificate is not directly issued, but also through the identification of this link. There is a time limit requirement for the confirmation, and all matters identified need to be completed within three years after the interview result is qualified, otherwise the interview result will be cancelled, while the written test result will only be retained for two years, and the interview will be passed within two years after the written test is passed, otherwise the written test result will be cancelled.

Therefore, it is suggested that candidates should prepare the necessary materials in advance. Otherwise, it is not worth the loss if the time limit is exceeded. The confirmation materials of teachers' qualification certificate are as follows:

1. "Teacher qualification application form" in duplicate (download, print and sign after online application)

2. Original and copy of ID card.

3. Original and copy of Diploma (degree) certificate.

4. The medical examination certificate issued by the hospital above the county level designated by the education administrative department.

5. Original and copy of certificate of Putonghua level test.

6. Identification of Ideological and moral conditions and other supporting materials.

7. Certificate of education, psychology examination or qualification examination of teachers in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.

8. Notice on acceptance of teachers' qualification on site (download and print after online application).

9. Other materials stipulated by the education administrative departments at or above the provincial level.

The most important one is Putonghua certificate. If the candidates apply for the qualification certificate of Chinese teacher, they need to have the Putonghua level of Grade A and above, and other subjects need to have the Putonghua level of grade B and above. It is suggested that candidates apply for the examination in advance and prepare these identification materials as soon as possible.

For candidates from other places, in addition to the above materials, we need to provide more personnel certification materials. It is proved that the non local students can not return to the place where their household registration is located because of their employment or study.

The above is the relevant materials and matters of the teacher's qualification certificate. I hope it can help the examinees.

Common problems in the identification of teachers' qualification certificate:

Q1. Do I have to confirm in the interview place?

Not always. If it is a student in school, it shall be recognized in the place where the school is located in the last semester; if it has graduated, it shall be recognized in the place where the registered permanent residence or personnel relationship is located. The qualification of high school / secondary vocational school teachers is generally recognized by the Municipal Education Bureau; the qualification of junior high school / primary school / kindergarten teachers is generally recognized by the district and County Education Bureau. According to the above practice, determine your own identification unit, and then check the previous identification announcement of the Education Bureau to find out the general rules.

Q2. Can I not confirm this time, but next time?

The valid period of the examination certificate is 3 years, and it is also marked on the certificate, so long as it is within the valid period, it can be recognized.

Q3. Is it necessary to go in person when identifying?

Since there is no lecture or trial session in the determination after the national examination, only materials need to be submitted. Therefore, you can consult the local education bureau to see if materials can be handed in on behalf of them. Of course, things like physical examination can only be handled by oneself, and others can't replace them.

Q4. Where to identify and where to participate in recruitment?

A: it doesn't matter.

Q5. Can students be identified in advance?

Generally speaking, full-time students need to wait for the last semester before graduation to be recognized (there is no restriction on graduate students), and part-time students need to obtain graduation certificate before they can be recognized. For details, you can learn about the local regulations.

Q6. How to check the local confirmation announcement?

Generally, it will be released in time on the official website of the local education bureau. You can search for keywords and find out which board the confirmation announcement of previous years is published in.

Q7. If the Mandarin certificate has not been obtained at the time of confirmation, is it OK?

No, Mandarin certificate must be provided at the time of identification, so everything should be done as early as possible.

Q8. Must the certificate of Putonghua be A-2?

In fact, the level requirements of Putonghua certificate are inconsistent everywhere, so we can not give you a positive answer. In most cases, second grade is enough. Some subjects in some places only require third grade A, but some subjects in some places still require second grade a. Generally speaking, we can only take the local requirements as the criterion. I suggest that you all pass the examination.

Q9. When is the physical examination? What is the process?

Generally, the time and process of physical examination will be indicated in the confirmation announcement of each place. Candidates need to go to the designated hospital for physical examination within the designated time. In general, candidates take money, photos and snacks to the hospital (they can't eat in the morning), pay the fee and get the physical examination form after reaching the hospital, and conduct physical examination according to the process. (Note: for pregnant women, please consult the local physical examination regulations first.)