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What does the network language KY mean? Where does the network language KY come from

What does the network language KY mean? Where does the network language KY come from

Friends who often watch station a and station B should often see 'KY' on the screen. They think it's an abbreviation of a word. Actually, it's not. KY is actually taken from Japanese. Do you know what KY means? How to use KY? Let's have a look.

What is the meaning of network language KY

KY means no eyes.

KY is an abbreviation of Japanese, which translates directly into that you can't read the air, and the network language means that you can't look at the atmosphere and the face of the other party at that time, say some inappropriate words or make inappropriate behaviors. For example, when everyone is happy, she throws cold water. This is Ky.

Now, KY is often used for pinching, with the most bullet screens and rice circles.

How to deal with KY

In fact, it's not very radical Ky. it's better not to hate people, make good use of the function of reporting, and make good use of the function of big belly. If we have to act, we should give priority to gentleness, supplemented by expression packs.

This paragraph is for reference only, and is not responsible for any consequences, such as being rebuffed or denounced.

1. So KY, would you please explode in place.

2. Know that you have no one to talk about Ky.

3. Get out of here if you don't like it.

4. As long as you are beautiful, even the asshole is double eyelid.

5. Labor and capital are high-grade animals, which have nothing to say with poultry.

6. Are your eyes smeared with shit.

7. The second battalion commander, take the Italian cannons from the labor force and blow the bastard to death.

8. Another fool is so blind that his labor and capital are willing to kill him.