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How to choose imported milk

Milk is a necessity of daily life and the most common tonic. Many people don't believe in Chinese dairy products and hope to import them. How about imported milk? In fact, different people have different opinions, but Xiaobian has summarized some tips for choosing imported milk for you. You can have a look if you are interested.

At present, most of the imported milk in China is mainly UHT (ultra-high temperature sterilized milk), commonly known as normal temperature milk, with a shelf life of 6-12 months. Compared with fresh milk products, such imported milk must lose part of its nutrition, but the difference between the two is not too big to be accepted. This is a must to buy imported milk.

Domestic milk is not reassuring. There are a large number of imported milk, and the price is still singing & hellip; & hellip; worry and worry about the baby's health every day. Let's take a look at the five common sense in selecting imported milk.

Common sense popularization of imported milk

1. Is imported milk more natural and nutritious?

In fact, this is not absolute. As long as there is no pesticide, chemical synthetic fertilizer, veterinary medicine, feed additive, etc. in the production chain, it can ensure the freshness of milk source, which belongs to healthy milk.

2. 'it tastes delicious' is good milk?

Of course not! Skim milk for the need to lose weight, dyspepsia and other special people, its taste is light as water, almost unable to taste mellow. Full fat milk is slightly yellow, thick texture, may not smell particularly fragrant, but after heating the entrance, milk flavor immediately rich.

3. How to choose imported milk with high cost performance?

To be honest, the price of imported milk is generally on the high side. Nowadays, all supermarkets and e-commerce have imported milk sales, but the prices are almost the same. The key is to spend more time focusing on some discount information.

4. Is the Chinese packaging a fake?

Why do some of the imported milk have Chinese labels and some have Chinese packaging. The Chinese packaging of imported milk brand does not mean that the brand is fake or filled in China. According to the relevant provisions of the food safety law and the measures for the administration of the labeling of imported and exported food, the imported prepackaged food shall have Chinese labels and instructions. At present, most of the imported milk brands sold in the domestic market are dedicated to China or sold in large quantities in China for a long time. Therefore, most of the milk brands will design the packaging for the local market according to the sales area.

5. If you can't finish drinking after opening, how to keep it?

The imported milk is basically packaged in large capacity of 1l or more. Generally, it must be kept in the refrigerator after opening, and then drunk in about a week. It depends on the logo of milk brand. The different preservation period after unsealing depends on the quality of the raw milk. The bacterial colony of the good quality raw milk somatic cells is less, and the preservation period after unsealing will be longer.