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How to get KFC flash card from love and producer

Love works with producers and KFC. Players can get flash cards by buying KFC packages. How to get a KFC flash card? How to get your favorite role? Xiaobian has compiled a strategy. You can have a look at what you like.

Love and how to get KFC Flashcards

Love working with producers and KFC, players can get flash cards by buying packages

1. When choosing flashcards, if you want to choose the role you like, it's purely based on the personality and mood of the waiter. Some little sisters give you three stacks to choose from, and some don't.

2. You can exchange 5 flash cards (5 packages) at a time. It's too much. If every character wants to, they can take their friends to eat.

3. Take out is a fixed set meal, which can be matched on site.

4. The latest hamburger has different opinions and is selected carefully.

5. One exchange code can only be changed once, not on different platforms. Careful trading.

6. Before buying the package, ask if there is a card, and then buy it.

7. Pay attention to safety when making an appointment.