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Female Xueba joined the army without telling her parents. Her mother and daughter met on the podium

Original title: after 00, Tsinghua female Xueba joined the army without telling her parents, took the award on stage and turned around with tears & hellip;

Recently, a group of super cute comics showing the life of the new barracks are popular on the Internet. The author of these cartoons is a female soldier after 00, Qi Yifei.

The female soldier who draws cartoons is Xueba

In 2018, Qi Yifei was admitted to the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University with a good score of 632 in the college entrance examination. But when she was about to enter her sophomore year, she resolutely decided to suspend her studies and join the army. Qi Yifei's mother Peng Lingwu didn't support the decision to join the army at first.

Peng Lingwu said: 'originally, she majored in design at Tsinghua Academy of fine arts. She thought she was just a designer. Unexpectedly, she had to be a soldier. Both her father and I think a girl doesn't have to suffer. "

Her parents disapproved, but Qi Yifei, who had her own opinion since childhood, insisted on her choice. She said that it was not Tsinghua students who wanted to be soldiers, but those who wanted to be soldiers who were admitted to Tsinghua!

Although the stubborn Qi Yifei put on her military uniform as she wished, a cartoon revealed her heart knot: in the recruits, a female soldier was looking back.

Qi Yifei painted herself in this cartoon. She joined the army without her parents' consent. She kept looking for her parents among the seeing off parents, hoping that they would recognize her choice.

Fire test

She was the first to stand up

Not only want to be a soldier, but also want to go to the Marine Corps, which is Qi Yifei's dream.

Qi Yifei said: 'in fact, when I was a child, my idea was not only to be a soldier, but also to go to the Marine Corps. But I didn't tell anyone because I knew it was hard. "

In order to pursue her dream, Qi Yifei 'practiced' by herself from the beginning of her freshman year: running 20 kilometers, cross-country, desert Hiking & hellip& hellip; Because he made full preparations before joining the army, after entering the military camp, the 'Xueba' did a good job in all kinds of training. After three months of new training, she became more and more military.

After finishing the new training, the monitor specially added a 'supplementary question' - crawling forward under the burning barbed wire.

Qi Yifei was the first to accept the challenge. This means that in addition to mastering military skills, she has also become a real soldier in courage and will!

More than three months after joining the army, the recruits ushered in the graduation ceremony of new training. Qi Yifei put on a white navy uniform for the first time.

Just a day ago, she secretly drew a cartoon and shared her harvest in the army with her mother in the form of a letter, but the letter was never sent out.

In fact, Qi Yifei wants to know whether her parents are still angry for her assertions.

Because of his excellent performance, Qi Yifei was named 'Blue blade female soldier'. When she stepped on the podium and turned around, she found that her mother Peng Lingwu presented the award to her. When mother and daughter met, they both cried.

Peng Lingwu told reporters: 'I especially support my daughter's choice now, really. Because I see that the life of the army is rich and colorful. The army is a place full of talents, which is a better growth platform & hellip& hellip;'

A few days later, Qi Yifei was assigned to the coveted Marine Corps. She also received a letter from her mother.


When I saw your training video and saw the female soldier crawling under the burning barbed wire, my mother still shed tears. Later I knew that the female soldier was you! I didn't expect my daughter to be so strong.

Several times, there were tears, heartache, moving, shame and understanding. You are the new generation after 00. Your mother may have been unable to understand you, but now her mother firmly supports you & hellip& hellip;

Daughter, mom loves you.