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What day is father's Day 2017? What is the origin of father's Day

Father's love is deep and great. In a flash, it's father's day. Do you know what day father's Day is? Father's Day is the first father's day in the world. It was born in the United States in 1910. It was initiated by Mrs. Dodd of Washington in 1910. Its purpose is to commemorate the great father. Later, it was officially designated as the legal anniversary of the United States by President Nixon in 1972.

The origin and origin of father's Day

Compared with mother's day, father's Day is a relatively unfamiliar Festival. Father's day in China originated in the national era. On August 8, 1945, Shanghai Wen Ren Institute launched a celebration of father's day. The citizens responded immediately and held a warm celebration. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, celebrities and gentry from all walks of life in Shanghai jointly asked the Shanghai municipal government to present it to the central government, and designated August 8, the father's day, as the National Father's day.

Although the celebration of father's Day is not as important and lively as mother's day, God teaches us the same love for our parents in the Bible. When our mother takes care of us, our father is also trying to play the gentle role that God has given him. Maybe we are trying to think about what kind of gift we should buy for our father for father's day When, might as well reflect, do we love our father, as he has selflessly paid for our life?

The birth of father's Day

The first father's day in the world was born in America in 1910.

In 1909, Bruce Dodd, a lady in Washington, came up with an idea when celebrating mother's Day: since there is mother's day, why can't there be father's day?

Mrs. Dodd and her five younger brothers, who were raised by their loving father, lost their mother in the early years. Many years have passed. When six brothers and sisters die on their father's birthday, they always think back to their father's hard work to support their family. With the support of Dr. rasmas, she wrote a letter to the state government in earnest, calling for the establishment of father's day and suggesting that it should be on her father's birthday on June 5. The state government adopted her suggestion and hastily set father's day as the 19th, the 3rd Sunday in June 1909. The following year, Mrs. Dodd's city of Spokane officially celebrated the festival. The mayor announced the proclamation of father's day, which was designated as the state anniversary. Later, father's Day was celebrated in other states.

On father's day, people choose specific flowers to show their respect for their father. People took Mrs. Dodd's advice, wearing red roses to show their love to the living fathers, and wearing white roses to mourn the dead fathers. Later, in Vancouver, people chose to wear white cloves, and Pennsylvania people saluted their father with dandelions.

In order to standardize father's day, all parties strongly call on the parliament to recognize it. In 1972, President Nixon officially signed a parliamentary resolution establishing father's day. The festival was finally established in the form of law and has been used to this day.