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What are the new functions of vivo X21

In March 2018, all brands of mobile phones launched a new generation of high-end mobile phone X21. This product will be an upgrade of X20. However, according to the time interval of the update, the hardware may not have much improvement, but the appearance is quite improved from the perspective of publicity photos.

In addition to a series of online exposures, the official invitation letter of vivo has also been issued. As previously announced, the conference will be held in Wuzhen on March 19, when X21 series mobile phones will appear. In addition to the already exposed off screen fingerprint function, there seems to be other highlights.

As we all know, vivo has published the off-screen fingerprint technology and mass produced it on the X20 plus screen fingerprint version. The technology is eye-catching and completely hides the fingerprint or other modules. In this invitation letter, there are still hints of fingerprint identification under the screen, but I don't know if it will be better than the first product. In addition, there are five irregular holes in the invitation letter. I don't know what they imply.

According to the current information, vivo X21 will use a comprehensive screen with a banged design. In addition, this mobile phone will use super HDR technology, which has also been used on apex concept mobile phones before. Compared with general HDR photography technology, it has three advantages: more complete detail reduction, more natural tone transition, and stronger backlighting.