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How to choose wedding ring? Which material is better

How to choose wedding ring? Which material is better wedding rings are essential for marriage, whether it's taking wedding photos or holding weddings. When we buy wedding rings, which part of the factors are considered? The jewelry on the market is more complete in style, different shapes, different materials with different temperament, and there are many kinds of ring materials. Many people don't know how to choose when they buy wedding rings, so what materials are better to buy rings?

Diamond ring

Now many people like to buy diamond rings, which are the most popular wedding jewelry materials in recent years. The natural white precious metal is pure, rare, eternal and not easy to deform. Everyone hopes to have diamonds, especially the beauty loving young people, who have a special love for diamond rings. The wearing of diamond rings is the witness of love between two people. Now the people who buy diamond rings also It's more and more. There are various styles of diamond rings. At the same time, its price is relatively high.

Golden ring

Gold ring is one of the three gold jewelry in the marriage custom. It is also the gold jewelry that many people will buy before they get married. The old generation loves gold very much. Now there are many young people who buy gold ring. The color of gold ring is golden and sparkling. However, the material of gold is soft, so the shape of gold ring is relatively simple Single, the craft of gold ring is also limited. Generally, there are many gold rings with smooth and frosted faces, but this does not affect the beauty of people wearing gold rings at all.

Platinum ring

Platinum ring refers to platinum ring, because the writing method of "Platinum" Chinese characters has caused many people's misunderstanding. Platinum, or PT for short, is a kind of natural white precious metal. The production process of platinum is more complex and its price is slightly higher than that of gold. In modern times, the rings made of platinum by jewelry craftsmen symbolize pure love and are popular with people. Many people tend to use platinum rings as wedding rings.