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How long can come menstruation after weaning? Can lactation come menstruation?

For many mothers, the most concerned question after weaning is how long to menstruate after weaning? The recovery of postpartum menstruation has a certain relationship with breastfeeding. So if you don't have menstruation, don't worry, it will come naturally after weaning!

Generally speaking, if postpartum does not lactate, 1-2 months can resume menstruation, late, postpartum 3 months will also resume menstruation. And lactating women's menstrual tide recovery generally delayed for a long time, may not have menstrual tide in the whole lactation period. But after stopping breastfeeding, menstruation can resume within three months. Those who do not have menstruation beyond this period should go to the hospital to find out the reason.

From the medical point of view, according to the endometrial tissue morphology, as early as 33-42 days after delivery, the ovary can ovulate. In addition, the presence of corpus luteum after ovulation can also be observed at 6 weeks postpartum. How long does menstruation occur after weaning? Under normal circumstances, the mother has experienced menstrual flow during the lactation period. If the baby is weaned after 3 months, of course, some mothers' menstrual flow recovery is slow. There may be no menstrual flow during the whole lactation period, and they will resume normal menstruation after 3 months of stopping lactation.

According to the research data, 40% of the mothers who did not breast-feed resumed ovulation at the 6th week of postpartum, resulting in menstruation; by the 8th to 12th week of postpartum, the proportion of mothers who did not resume ovulation and menstruation was about 35%. If there are mothers who are breastfeeding, the proportion of ovulation recovery and menstruation starts from 12 weeks after delivery is 25%, and the time needed for most breastfeeding mothers to fully recover ovulation function is 18 weeks. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact time of the first menstruation after childbirth in clinical practice, and a few mothers will start to have a small to moderate amount of intermittent bleeding immediately after childbirth.