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How to measure the ring size what is the ring size checklist

How to measure the ring size what is the ring size checklist

Sihaiwang: rings play an important role in the love road of every couple. If you want to buy a ring that you are satisfied with, you should not only look at the style, but also pay attention to the size of the ring. Otherwise, if you don't wear it properly, you will encounter many embarrassments. Ring size is an important reference standard. So how to measure the ring size? Ring ring number is a standard to distinguish ring size. With reference to the ring size ring number corresponding table, you can buy rings of appropriate size more accurately and more quickly!

What is the ring number?

People who haven't bought a ring don't understand the ring ring number. Actually, the ring ring number is more professional called the ring ring mouth size. Ring number is based on the diameter and circumference of the ring's inner ring, and a specific number is used to distinguish the ring size. For example, for different sizes of clothes, s, m, l and XL will be used, and ring size will be used. Most ring sizes in China use Hong Kong code. Generally, ring numbers are 7-24.

Ring size measurement method

There are many ways to measure the ring size. We can choose the corresponding measurement method according to our actual situation. For example, for the wedding ring size measurement used in preparation for the wedding ceremony, we may not worry about surprises and other issues at this time, just measure the girlfriend's fingers directly. At this time, you can use a silk thread, or a small piece of paper, to turn around your girlfriend's finger, not too tight, and not ignore the position of the joint. After measuring this size, measure the length directly with a meter ruler, and then compare with the corresponding ring size comparison table, and find out the size of girlfriend's finger. Secondly, if your girlfriend likes to wear a ring at ordinary times, you can also directly find a ring she often wears. Use a meter ruler to measure the size of the ring. The above methods can help you quickly get the most accurate size of the ring.