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Cartier leads the top ten brands of lovers' rings in 2018

Cartier leads the top ten brands of lovers' rings in 2018

Sihaiwang: in the world of romantic love, flowers, chocolates, meals and travel are all necessary. These are all experiences. Although they can be kept in memory forever, they are temporary. When they have and wear rings with each other, the magic of rings will also hold their hearts tightly, which can bring romance to lovers as well as eternity. In 2018, let's take a look at the ring brands led by Cartier and Tiffany.

1. Cartier (Paris, France, 1847)

Cartier is a French watchmaker and jewelry manufacturer. As one of the world's luxury brands, Cartier's design of lovers' rings embodies the romance and eternity of love vividly. This beautiful design also makes Cartier's lovers' rings an eternal classic.

2. Tiffany Co. (New York, 1837)

In 1837, Tiffany Co. Tiffany was born in New York. Tiffany couple rings have been famous for nearly two centuries with the themes of love and beauty, romance and dreams. Classic design is the definition of Tiffany's works. Every masterpiece can be handed down from generation to generation, with eternal charm.

3. Bvlgari (Italy, 1884)

In jewelry production, baogeli takes color as the design essence, creatively uses a variety of different colors of gemstones for matching and combination, and then uses different materials of the base to highlight the dazzling color of gemstones. The design of Bulgari couple ring pays more attention to the color matching. The ring support materials of different colors are perfectly matched with the gem color, presenting us a fashionable and luxurious couple ring.

4. Van Cleef Arpels (Paris, France, 1906)

Van Cleef Arpels, a French jewelry family, was founded in Paris in 1906. It adheres to the original design style. The beginning of the brand comes from a sweet love story. In every ring of the brand, there are sweet love words. Van cleopal lovers ring has a unique romantic feeling.

5. Harry Winston (New York, USA, 1890)

Hailed as the king of diamonds, hairy & Middleton; Winston is a world-renowned super jewelry brand for more than one hundred years. Hairy Winston couple rings are superb in diamond design and cutting, so they are also loved by the world's princes and nobles.

6. Chow Tai Fook (1929 China)

Chow Tai Fook couple rings are made of various materials, with novel styles and strong selectivity, attracting the attention of many consumers. In particular, Zhou Dafu's marriage series has a unique moral.

7. CHAUMET (France, 1780)

Liens ring in Shangmei Paris makes precious natural ores and precious metals into fashion symbols full of CHAUMET images. The connection design in the middle of the ring not only symbolizes the inheritance of the past and the future of CHAUMET, but also represents the combination between men and women, which is of great significance.

8. Boucheron (Paris, France, 1858)

Boucheron was founded in a romantic city -- Paris. With bold design style and amazing imagination, more people are convinced by the charm of Boucheron. Baosilong brand is also a representative of high-end jewelry brands.

9. Levi (2012, Hong Kong, China)

As a romantic proposal diamond ring brand, Levi's global first real name customized diamond ring model, that is, a man must customize Levi's diamond ring with his real name on the basis of his ID card, and only one person will be sent in his whole life, which means: 'in my name, you will be the first one to have your finger; in my whole life, I will be with you'.

10. Piaget (Switzerland, 1874)

Earl jewelry has a possession ring, a double ring of possession ring. One ring can rotate freely on the other ring, clasping each other, showing the unique and unique artistic essence, and also symbolizing the unswerving love between lovers.