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Review of the list of CCTV 3.15 party exposures in 2017

The content and list exposed in CCTV 315 party in 2017 is actually a punishment to its industry and a warning to other industries. Which enterprises did CCTV 315 party expose in 2017? Let's have a look!

I. Interactive Encyclopedia becomes the biggest false advertisement 'garbage station'

It is understood that Interactive Encyclopedia is known as the world's largest Chinese encyclopedia website and the leading social knowledge media platform, providing hundreds of millions of Chinese users with massive, comprehensive and timely encyclopedia information free of charge. However, according to the survey, this website, which claims to be a knowledge sharing platform, is doing a shady business behind its back. It can open entries for 4800 yuan and make up and publish them at will!

2. A tree has been listed on the 3 & middot; 15 black list, and cross-border e-commerce has been named for two consecutive years

Cross border e-commerce has made roll call continuously for two years. Following the 33% disqualification rate of overseas children's products exposed in the 315 party last year, dolphin cross border technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a three-level legal entity under koushu, was named at the 315 party this year. Hong Kong dolphins sold food in Japan's nuclear contaminated areas in violation of regulations.

It is worth noting that as a new third board company, Jushu has the second largest shareholder of Jushu, with a shareholding ratio of 8.65%; Fujian Jianyan Technology Co., Ltd. has the same shareholding ratio with Jushu, both of which are tied for the second largest shareholder, while Fujian Jianyan Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jianyan group.

It is reported that the products purchased and sold by Hong Kong dolphins that do not conform to the AQSIQ's notice are 800g Japanese Calbee fruit grain instant breakfast cereal, which were purchased in the second half of 2016. And the food of this commodity producing area is Japan's capital County, which is forbidden by our country.

III. consumption warning of CCTV 315: hidden flaws in face recognition or leakage of private information

In the 315 party consumption early warning link, CCTV released consumption early warning. After technical processing, the on-site host can use the face recognition system to let consumers demonstrate the huge potential loopholes of the face recognition technology.

On the spot, the host obtains the photos of an audience by obtaining the microblog name of the audience. After obtaining this picture, the host becomes the face of the audience through technical processing. In the process of the experiment, a dynamic picture changed by technology passed the verification of face recognition system.

CCTV issued a consumption warning: there is a flaw in the face recognition technology of mobile phones. You only need to use an app to process the photos that you usually post on Weibo and friends' circle, and then you can pass the live inspection of the bank payment app.

Four, 'three no physical examination teams' reach hundreds of schools: endangering 130000 children's eyes

According to the management measures for health examination of primary and secondary school students formulated by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of health, the physical examination institution must be a public medical institution held by the government with an effective medical institution license.

However, there is such a "three no physical examination team" in Zhengzhou, which has no qualification, medical background and certification. It is organized by a scientific and visual company selling keratoplast lenses and an affiliated hospital of Yellow River Institute of science and technology, a private hospital, to enter hundreds of primary and secondary schools in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Jiaozuo and other cities for physical examination. The physical examination children are required to fill in the "vision abnormality registration form" to obtain their personal information, Up to now, 134280 student information has been obtained.