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Did Dai Xi and Luo Bing get together?

Recently, elite lawyers are about to usher in the finale. I believe many people who like the play are very concerned about the finale, especially curious about the finale of the main characters in the play? Did Daisy and Robin end up together? This article brings you an introduction to the ending plot of elite lawyers. Let's have a look.

Episode 41 Preview: Li Na asks for a position, but Luo Bing is opposed

Li Na asks Luo Bing to assign her an office. Luo Bing is very busy during this time and is too busy to take care of herself. She is very embarrassed by Li Na's request. Li Na's mood has come to an end. She really doesn't want to sit in someone's office all her life, serving tea and pouring water. Besides, she rarely talks to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing said she would discuss with He Sai and others. Li Na told him that he sai happened to be in the office. However, Luo Bing had to go to him. He Sai is discussing the case of health products with LAN LAN, saying they are suspected of false advertising. Luo Bing did not object. He said that if he sai had to do it, they would complete the case together. He Sai did not hesitate to give Luo Bing the things he collected.

Because Lan Lan is also in Hesai's office, Luo Bin doesn't say anything about Li Na at last. Li Na is very angry. When the new officer of Luo Bin took office, almost everyone's requirements were reported to him during this period, which made him very difficult to be a man. Now Li Na is added. Li Na said that it is because of this that she hopes to enter the management. Arranging these things happens to be what she is good at. She can help Luo Bin.

Li Na has no choice but to find he sai directly and tell him what she thinks. The conditions she puts forward for he sai are very attractive, and he sai agrees immediately. Luo Bing didn't directly agree after knowing that. At this time, Yang Fan also learned the news, but she believes that Quan Jing should not set a precedent to let non lawyers enter the management.

Episode 41 finale Preview: Dai Xi gets what she wants

Dai Xi had such a perfect picture today with the help of Luo Bing. After so many big and small things, her relationship with Luo Bing has gradually evolved from leading subordinates to lovers. They are good partners to help and encourage each other in the company, and they are close lovers at home.

Finally, she dared to face everything she had. She took the academic examination again and went to work in the law firm. She still competed seriously and took every case in her hand seriously. At the same time, she also became a lawyer who could really help people go to court step by step. This is the post she dreamed of and worked hard for. Now she finally got what she wanted.

As lawyers, they pursue justice. The appearance of all living beings in the workplace in the law firm shows what traces the law has engraved on people in this era and what qualities their lawyers are adhering to. They will continue this quality and serve the people.