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How wechat shield group messages

How wechat shield group messages now people spend a lot of time chatting in wechat groups, and they can only master all kinds of information by wandering around. However, sometimes wechat groups are too active, and too many group messages will disturb their lives, and they want to be quiet, so how can wechat block group messages? Let's have a look.

How to block wechat group messages

1. After we set this way, wechat group will prompt on the screen as long as someone sends a message.

2. First enter the wechat group to block message notifications, and then click 'members' as shown in the figure

3. Next, in wechat group settings, find the "new message notification" option and click the switch on the right to close it.

In this way, annoying group messages will not ring continuously, only when you enter wechat will you see those unread group messages. Isn't it simple?