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How to identify mobile phone red packet fraud what would you do if you received a stranger's red envelope on wechat? I believe that many people open the red envelope at the first time. The charm of wechat red envelope can't be resisted, but recently there are cheaters who set up a red envelope scam to open the red envelope and get their own money covered. What's the matter? What should we do if we meet the "red envelope fraud"? Let's have a look at it together!

Fill in the information and receive the "red envelope" cheated 100 yuan

Mr. Min Li reported to this newspaper that he received a red envelope from a stranger in wechat. The other party said that he had sent it wrong and asked him to collect it and return the original number. After Mr. Li refused, he was scolded as "a fool who doesn't want money", and then he was blackmailed by the other side. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that, in addition, there are people who have encountered the "fill in personal information and get red envelopes" scam. Yesterday, police warned that if a stranger sent a 'red packet', don't order it. It's probably a virus software disguised as a red packet. If you need to fill in your personal information to get the red envelope, it must be a scam. If you accidentally click, you should turn off the mobile phone network for the first time, and immediately modify the password such as online banking and Alipay.

Don't want to be scolded for being stupid

Mr. Li, a citizen, told reporters that there was a strange incident recently. Suddenly, a stranger sent him a red packet with no amount written on wechat. 'I don't know when to add a friend or talk to him. I asked him who he was. He said that the red packet was sent to the wrong person and asked me to receive the red packet and return it to him. 'Mr. Li said that he refused the other party's request because he felt it was not right. 'I told him that as long as we didn't receive the red packet, it would be returned automatically the next day. 'I didn't expect that the stranger would reply directly:' a fool who doesn't want money. 'and black Mr. Li. After that, Mr. Li sent the chat record to his friend, who told him that fortunately, he didn't receive the red packet. If he received the money, his mobile phone might be infected with a virus.

It's a scam to fill in the information and get the red envelope

Since then, reporters from Beijing Morning Post have searched the Internet and found that many people have experienced similar situations. Some people have been cheated out of hundreds of yuan by strangers' personal information red envelopes. Ms. Gao, a citizen, was cheated out of 100 yuan. "In the past, when receiving the wechat red packet, the money in the red packet will be directly saved in the wechat wallet, but this time, the received wechat red packet reminds you that you need to supplement your personal information, otherwise you can't get it. "Seeing the amount of 100 yuan in the wechat red packet, Ms. Gao patiently added her personal information according to the prompts and entered her wechat wallet password. 'just after receiving the red packet, I found that I suddenly received the wechat wallet transfer information, reminding me to transfer out 100 yuan, and then I realized that I had been cheated. '

To this end, Beijing police prompt, strangers must not easily accept the red envelope, be careful to be cheated. 'if it's a stranger's red bag, you can't order it. If you accidentally click, you should shut down the mobile phone network for the first time, and immediately modify your password such as Internet banking, Alipay, and finally remove this trojan virus by regular channels. '