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What is UnionPay cloud flash payment? How to open UnionPay cloud flash payment and how to use it?

Domestic mobile payment has been occupied by most of Alipay and WeChat. Recently, a new noun appeared in the market. What do you know about UnionPay cloud flash? What do you know about UnionPay cloud flash payment? What advantages do you have than Alipay and WeChat?

Recently, China UnionPay, together with more than 40 Commercial Banks UnionPay, has also launched two-dimensional code payment. This two-dimensional code product, called UnionPay cloud flash payment, enables cardholders to realize UnionPay cloud flash payment by scanning the code through the bank app. So, what is UnionPay cloud flash payment?

What is UnionPay cloud flash payment?

Cloud flash payment is a payment shortcut. China UnionPay, together with more than 20 commercial banks, jointly released "cloud flash payment" in Beijing. Users only need to use mobile phones to complete payment on POS machines supporting UnionPay.

It is reported that there are only three steps to complete "cloud flash payment": first, you need to have an Android system mobile phone with NFC (near-field payment) function; second, the cardholder needs to generate a "stand-in card" of UnionPay card in the mobile banking app, that is, cloud flash payment card; finally, you can complete the payment by waving your mobile phone on the POS machine with UnionPay "flash payment" logo.

The first batch of commercial banks to release "cloud flash payment" has exceeded 20, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, construction bank, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, etc. Currently, cloud flash only supports Android phones, but it is revealed that it will be extended to iPhone users in the first quarter of next year.

According to Shi Wenchao, President of China UnionPay, "cloud flash payment" brings multiple security guarantees, such as dynamic key and cloud authentication, by virtue of innovative technology. The real card number is not displayed during payment, which can effectively protect cardholder's privacy and payment sensitive information. "This kind of payment experience is more convenient, no need for mobile phone networking, no need to open the mobile banking app, as long as the screen is lit near the POS machine to complete the payment. '

How to open UnionPay cloud flash payment?

Cloud flash payment is very simple to open, but currently it can only be used on Android system. Introduce the conditions for cloud flash payment to open:

1. Mobile phones that need to support NFC;

2. Have the bank's credit card or debit card (see the bank's requirements for details);

3. The mobile phone can be opened.

How to use UnionPay cloud flash payment?

1. First, you need to have a mobile phone with NFC function and Android system;

2. The cardholder needs to bind his / her own bank card in the mobile app of his / her bank to generate a cloud flash card, which is equivalent to the 'surrogate card' of the physical bank card;

3. Finally, in front of the POS machine with UnionPay 'flash payment' logo in the supermarket and shopping malls, after the cashier enters the payment limit, the consumer only needs to light up the mobile phone and gently place it near the POS machine, and input the password after the "drop" sound, the whole payment process is completed.

At present, UnionPay only supports Android mobile phones, which means that Apple mobile phone customers are currently unable to use this function.