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There are several versions of oppo R15. Where can I buy oppo R15

There are several versions of oppo R15. Where can I buy oppo R15 oppo R15 will be officially released today. Before that, oppo's official website has begun to warm up for new products. Combined with the current news, oppo R15 will have four colors to choose: Snow White, charming red, star purple and dream red. How many versions of oppo mobile phones are there? What are the differences between different versions? Where can I buy oppo R15? Here is a summary of the latest news.

Oppo R15 series has four models and two models have obtained network access licenses. It not only publishes relevant parameters and specifications, but also will be the configuration of dual processor platform. It is said that the standard version and the dream mirror version are both made of glass body, and they are different in battery capacity, main camera specification, processor configuration, body thickness and color matching. As for the price, it is said that the Standard Version costs 2999 yuan, while the dream mirror version costs 3499 yuan.

There are four major differences

According to the latest information released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, oppo has obtained access licenses for two new models of pacm00, pact00, paat00 and paam00. From the released photos and related parameters, pacm00 and pact00 will be the standard version of oppo R15, while paat00 and paam00 will be the dream mirror version of oppo R15.

However, oppo R15 Standard Version and dreamview version are different in four aspects: thickness and color, battery capacity, processor and main camera. Among them, oppo R15 standard version will have 2.5D arc-shaped glass panel, the thickness of the body is 7.4mm, with blue and white options, the battery capacity is 3365mah, and the back dual camera is a combination of 15mp + 5MP.

Confirm dual processor platform

As for oppo R15 dreammirror, the thickness of the body is increased to 7.5mm, and the color matching will bring red and black options, with 3D arc glass design. While the battery capacity has shrunk to 3300 MAH, the dual camera on the back has been upgraded to a 16mp + 20MP combination. In terms of the most concerned processor, oppo R15 Standard Edition is equipped with an 8-core processor with a 2.0GHz main frequency, which is basically the latest Helio P60 processor of MediaTek, while oppo R15 dreammirror edition is equipped with an 8-core processor with a 2.2GHz main frequency, or it may still be a snapdragon 660 processor.

Therefore, it has been confirmed that two new oppo R15 series machines will adopt dual processor platform. As for other configurations of the two versions, there is little difference from the parameters published by the Ministry of industry and information technology. They are all equipped with 6.28-inch samaoled display, supporting 2280 & times; 1080 resolution and 19:9 ratio. Equipped with 20MP front lens and 6 + 128GB storage combination, as well as pre installed Android 8.1 system, etc.

Starting from RMB 2999

Oppo R15 series also has 1.78mm extremely narrow left and right frames, and the proportion of screens is as high as 90%. As for the release time that you are concerned about, it seems that there will be several press conferences in succession in accordance with the pattern of last year. It is said that March 19 will be the first press conference of oppo R15 series, and it will be ceremoniously staged at the oppo grand ceremony of Shenzhen Zhejiang satellite TV on March 31.

At present, oppo R15 Standard Edition and dream mirror edition have started to make an appointment. Although the official hasn't announced the specific price, according to the news from microblog netizens, the price of oppo R15 Standard Edition is 2999 yuan, while that of dream mirror edition is 3499 yuan. Although the authenticity of the explosive remains to be confirmed, if it is all 6 + 128GB storage combination, it will undoubtedly have a higher price performance ratio than the previous generation of oppo r11s.