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When will Huawei P20 go on sale

Huawei has always been the leader in domestic mobile phones. It is understood that P20 will be released this month, so what will happen to the P20 system? How about the performance? What will happen to the appearance? Let's wait and see!

According to the previous disclosure, the Huawei P20 mobile phone to be released in Paris, France on March 27 will adopt the emui 8.0 version system, which is still based on the Android system development, and has been greatly adjusted for Huawei users.

Now there are a series of exposures of P20 system screenshots on the network. Although it is also emui 8.0, the system still has some fine-tuning to adapt to the banging screen of P20 series mobile phones.

According to the information shown in the screenshot, the signal position is moved to make the top icons on the left and right sides display evenly, so that the number of icons on both sides can be balanced, so as to ensure that the groove in the middle of the screen will not affect the normal display. In addition, the system icon has also made some fine-tuning, which is more concise and flattened than before.

In terms of hardware, the P20 mobile phone will use Huawei Kirin 970 processor, which has been applied to mate series before, and is good at artificial intelligence processing unit. It's possible to have a Leica certified dual lens, and the pro version will be equipped with three rear lenses. As for the differences, we need to wait for the product release to know.