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Why can't wechat QQ avatar be modified in 2018 when can wechat QQ avatar signature be changed

Recently, many friends found that wechat and QQ can't be changed. What's the matter? Let's take a look.

What happened to 2018qq's failure in editing materials?

When you modify your avatar or network name, the top left corner will always prompt you that you can't modify your personal data at all! See the following figure for details:

How can wechat QQ avatar not be changed? When can the nickname of QQ avatar be changed?

Tencent released a notice on February 25, in the near future, QQ, wechat, QQ space, QQ group, wechat public platform and Tencent Weibo will carry out system maintenance. From February 25 to the end of March 2018, users are temporarily unable to modify QQ personal data card, nearby and interested tribe data card. It is expected to return to normal from March, and other functions will not be affected!

Wechat and QQ's Avatar and nickname will be open again at the end of March