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A list of new products at Apple's Spring Conference 2018 what will be released at Apple's Spring Fes

Apple's Spring Conference in 2018 will be released soon. What products will be released this year? What products will be released at the conference? Let's guess! Let's have a look!

Will a new Mac come out

Having said the mobile products, let's take a look at the desktop products. MacBook Air, macbook pro and other products will not appear in the spring conference, but the 12 inch MacBook is likely to be updated in the spring, after all, the 12 inch MacBook was first appeared in the spring of 2015.


Previously, Guo Mingyu, an analyst at Kaiji securities, had predicted that Apple would launch a high-resolution screen version of MacBook Air in 2018. According to the News quoted by foreign media from the supply chain, apple is likely to launch a new 13 inch MacBook in 2018. This product combines the advantages of MacBook Air and MacBook to solve the problems of insufficient screen resolution and too wide frame of MacBook Air Make the performance of the new 13 inch MacBook more suitable for daily use.

Mac Mini

Let's look at the Mac Mini on the desktop. Apple hasn't updated the product for three years. Many users have been looking forward to it being updated, but apple always fails people's hopes. However, in an interview with the media not long ago, Cook said that Mac Mini is still an important part of Apple's product line, which means that we are likely to see an update of Mac Mini this year, but it is not clear whether we can see it in March.

Mac Pro

As for the new desktop Mac Pro, considering that the IMAC Pro released last year has just been on the shelves for a short time, the probability of updating again is very small, so we will definitely not see it in this spring's launch.

Mac product line update probability: 30%

Will Apple watch series 4 appear

Although Apple watch is a regular customer at Apple's spring launch, considering that apple just updated Apple watch series 3 last autumn, it's obviously not appropriate to release the next generation in a few months, so the new watch is likely to meet us at the end of this year, and it's unlikely to be updated at the spring launch.

Apple Watch Series 3

Although there is no new hardware release, there is still a high possibility for apple to launch a number of new watchbands at the spring conference. After the development in recent years, the watchbands of Apple watch have covered many kinds, such as silicone material, nylon material and so on. Whether Apple can bring more new watchbands to us is worth looking forward to.

Apple watch update probability: 10%


These are the new products that Apple may release in the spring conference. Now we will wait for apple to officially announce them in the conference. Of course, even if Apple doesn't hold a conference, we may see some product lines updated in the near future. If you want to buy new Apple products, you can keep paying attention.