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What are the top 10 taboos of love for men and women? lovers are like glue when they are sweet, stab each other when they are quarreling, and stab each other in the most painful place in the heart. This often causes the origin of emotional rupture. Do you know what taboos are there when men and women communicate? How many of the following taboos did you make?

1. No love talk

Always use the ice cold tone to talk with each other, it will cause conflicts for a long time.

Couples don't need to stick together all day, but sometimes they need to say something to warm each other up.

Like 'I miss you', 'I love you', etc

2. Always feel that the other side is not as good as others

Love is the same routine. It's sweet at the beginning.

Think and can each other for a lifetime.

But as we spent more time together, many people began to feel that their partners were not as good as them.

The psychology has been thinking about each other's bad, this kind of feeling will eventually fail.

3. Take the other party's kindness for granted

Nothing in the world is taken for granted,

If so, it's just that they really love you.

4. Turn over old accounts from time to time

Many couples have more or less had some relationships before they met the right person, but there are always many people who will stick to how you and your ex are doing or talk about your ex from time to time.

Doing so will only make the other party to resist you, or even easy to hate.

Everyone has a past, can accept together, can not be separated, the world is so big. There's always someone for you.

5. No active reconciliation after a quarrel

After the quarrel, the one who is willing to reconcile voluntarily is the one who loves deeply, because he cares, because he feels that his face is not as important as the other. But there are always some people who not only don't take the initiative, but also don't give each other the steps when they apologize. It's enough to make things bigger.

6. Less dating with you, no response

When two people are dating, they are totally lazy to pay attention to it. They have no feeling of being stuck together for a long time. Can not speak not to speak, in each other's side is holding the cell phone in hi PI, when the other does not exist.

Such a couple is either one of them has changed his mind, or they really can't go on living.

7. People are not available when needed

The more we need you, the more we can't find people. When we are sick, our aunts and aunts are in trouble and in a bad mood, we need to spend alone. What are these couples doing? It's just taking up the manger.

8. Lack of common language

Two people have no desire to communicate at all, and they just have different opinions when they talk. They can quarrel without saying a few words, which makes people speechless.

9. Can't feel each other's love

If you always feel that the love of the other side is superficial and you don't feel the happiness of being loved at all, it means that you are really not suitable. No matter whether the other side pays or not, you are not in love.

10. No understanding and tolerance at all

Men and women often quarrel because of some small things. No one will bow their heads, no understanding, no tolerance. Quarrels become a habit. If they copy fiercely, they will have a cold war. If they ignore each other, they will ignore them. No one cares.

Anyway, it's a day of trouble with you. It's better to divide up.