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Forward what the koi is and where the koi comes from Recently, there has been a fire about the Koi. The expression packs about various Koi have also been played bad by netizens. In fact, forwarding Koi originated from the pictures on Weibo. In order to attract attention and seek the means of forwarding, netizens are angry and make fun of it. All kinds of wonderful Koi come out! Let's see where the stem of forwarding this Koi comes from?

Recently, 'forwarding this Koi' made netizens unbearable to fight back. People often send pictures of carp on Weibo and say 'good things happen when forwarding the carp.' cloud cloud cloud, this means of cheating and forwarding annoys netizens, setting off a frenzy of 'forwarding the carp'. There are many wonderful Koi.

Koi incident: the microblog named "king of Koi" released the first microblog with the main idea of following and forwarding, and good things will happen in January. At the same time, it is equipped with a picture with the back of the beautiful Koi. The content expands and spreads rapidly, causing a wave of frenzy. The content forwarded by netizens is generally for the sake of career, wealth and success.

Xiao Lin, the account manager, is a young man who is engaged in it. He told reporters that he also forwarded his micro blog about Koi before, saying that it can bring good luck. "I also checked relevant information, saying that koi is a Fengshui fish, which can bring good luck. '

Xiao Lin confesses that he lacks a sense of social security, and some negative news is easy to cause anxiety for him. He wonders why not create a special account for good luck forwarding, so on July 19, the first micro blog about Forwarding Koi for good luck was born, he said that he just wanted to give more positive energy to his online friends, 'this society gives people a lot of insecurity, forwarding Koi, making a wish, right How wonderful the future is full of hope. '

At the same time, Xiao Lin said that he didn't deny that he had to rely on his own efforts to do a good job. He still had to try his best to do a good job, but there were also things that were uncontrollable. "I hope that the uncontrollable parts can be protected by Koi, so that I can have a better luck. '

In fact, there are only two original microblogs of this account, and the rest are re forwarded on the basis of others' forwarding.

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