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China starts to study what 6G 6G network means how fast 6G network is

China starts to study what 6G 6G network means how fast 6G network is

Four seas network: Recently, the term 5g has been widely discussed. The age of 5g network is coming. However, 5g has not been popularized yet, and 6G has been brewing. According to the information of relevant departments, China has started to study 6G network, so what is 6G network? What is 6G network? Let's have a look.

China has begun to study 6G 6G concept analysis: 6G online time to market and concept prediction are fast and scary one second a movie.

I. 5g will be based on heterogeneous multi-layer high-speed Internet, with "basic 5g" in the early stage (it will be commercially available around 2020), "cloud computing 5g" in the middle stage and "edge computing 5g" in the late stage (three-tier heterogeneous mobile edge computing system);

II. 6G will be "5g + satellite network (communication, telemetry, navigation)", which will be commercially available in 2025, featuring ultra fast broadband with "wireless optical fiber" technology;

3. 7g will be divided into 'basic 7g' and 7.5G, of which 'basic 7g' will be '6G + satellite network capable of space roaming'.

Specifically, 6G integrates satellite networks on the basis of 5g to achieve global coverage:

China starts to study 6G (1) 6G, which should be a cheap and super fast Internet technology, which can provide wireless or mobile terminals with unbelievable high data rate or extremely fast internet rate -- up to 11gbps (even if 6G network is accessed in remote areas);

(2) the satellite communication network of 6G system can be telecommunication satellite network, earth remote sensing imaging satellite network and navigation satellite network. 6G system integrates these satellite networks to provide 6G users with services such as network location identification, multimedia and Internet access, weather information, etc;

(3) the antenna of 6G system will be "nano antenna", and these nano antennas will be widely deployed in various places, including roadsides, villages, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, etc.

(4) in the age of 6G, flying sensors will be used to provide information for remote observation stations, real-time monitoring of areas with terrorist and intruder activities, etc;

(5) in the age of 6G, with the help of high-speed optical fiber link, point-to-point (P2P) wireless communication network will become 6G terminal to transmit fast broadband signal.