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His wife was killed in the air crash after the plane ticket was cancelled

A Ukrainian airliner crashed in Iran, killing everyone on board, the Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. A man failed to board the plane due to ticket problems and escaped the disaster. Unfortunately, his wife died in the air crash.

It is reported that Mohsen ahmadipour should have taken the flight of Ukrainian International Airlines, but his ticket was' accidentally cancelled ', so he escaped. It is reported that Mukhsin was in the terminal when the crash occurred.

Unfortunately, Mukhsin's wife, who had been married for nearly six years, boarded the plane and died in the air crash.

According to the local news website Ottawa Citizen, the couple lived in Ottawa, Canada and had been visiting relatives in Iran before.

For another couple, the flight was also the end of a happy marriage. Pouneh gorji, 25, and ARAS h pourzarabi, 26, married in Iran. They and four other wedding members boarded the flight and left, but suffered misfortune.

According to reports, as Ukrainian international airlines announced the passenger list, social media was full of mourning. Faisal moola of Guelph University in Canada said on twitter, 'one of my great doctoral students, ghanimat azhdari, was on the plane that crashed in Tehran this morning.'

It is reported that dozens of professors and researchers from campuses across Canada died on board. Experts say Canadian academia has lost talent. Source: China News Network