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How long is the shelf life of perfume?

How long is the shelf life of perfume?

Sihai network: we know that many daily products and foods are shelf-life, including cosmetics and skin care products. They all have a clearly defined shelf life. Some partners are curious. How long is the shelf life of perfume? How long can the perfume be kept after opening? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

It is generally stipulated that the shelf life of perfume is 3-5 years. Even imported perfume is in accordance with this regulation. Therefore, imported perfume imported from China will mark the date of limitation of use in Chinese identification. Internationally, it is generally recognized that perfume is used up in 24 or 36 months.

Perfume has no fixed shelf life. Even if the production / sale brand has a warranty period or a recommended period of use, whether the perfume is deteriorated or not has nothing to do with the date. It focuses on preserving the environment. If it is kept well, it will still taste good after 10 years; if the environment is bad, it will still deteriorate even in the so-called shelf life.

The perfume of domestic counters will always be pasted / printed, because this is the requirement of the health quarantine department: all cosmetics sold in the country (including perfume) need to clearly indicate the production / use period. In foreign countries, there is no requirement for perfume products, so the perfume purchased by foreign counters will not be labeled like this.

How long can you use perfume?

Perfume after Kaifeng is best used in a year.

Perfume is volatile. This is why perfume is sprayed on the body. When the perfume is opened, it will naturally volatilize under the action of temperature and light, and the aromatic substances will change slowly. The smell will start to be worse than before. Therefore, it is suggested that the perfume after Kaifeng will be used in a year.