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How much is the pet? Pet consignment fee and process

Now more and more people like to keep pets, especially many young people who are only left to work outside. They feel very lonely in big cities. Therefore, more and more people will keep pets to accompany themselves and fill the emptiness of living alone. Near the Chinese new year, many friends who have pets in other places will bring their pets home. Whether they are making trains, high-speed trains or planes, pets need to be checked in. So how much does it cost to ship the pet? How to handle pet consignment? This article introduces the cost and process of pet consignment. Let's have a look.

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Cost of pet consignment

First of all, at present, pet consignment is divided into two ways: train and plane. Generally, the cost of train consignment is cheaper than plane. The price of the two is about 200 to 600 yuan. Of course, the size and weight of pets and the city they are in or go to will affect the price of consignment.

Pet consignment process

1. Process steps of pet consignment

Pet consignment is generally in the order of immunization and disinfection, air ticket booking, animal immunization certificate out of the county, and finally extraction.

2. Immunization and disinfection

That is to say, the owner should take the dog to the hospital for rabies vaccine at least one week in advance, and receive the pet health immunization certificate at the same time. In addition, it is also necessary to bring the pet aviation box together, disinfect the corresponding equipment, and issue a mechanical disinfection certificate.

3. Book air tickets

The owner needs to contact the airport in advance to explain that he has pets to check in, confirm that the flight has oxygen cabin, and finally determine the ticket.

4. Qualification certificate of exit animal quarantine

During the period of catching the plane, it is recommended not to feed the dog with food and drink less water. Then, after entering the airport, put on a mask for the dog, take out the pet health immunization certificate and the animal quarantine certificate out of the county, and go to the State animal quarantine bureau at the airport for inspection and seal.

5. Consignment

After the inspection, the owner needs to go back to the terminal and go through the consignment formalities at the counter.

6. Extraction

When arriving at the destination, the owner should go to the baggage claim office immediately after getting off the plane to claim his baggage with the dog, and then release the dog after leaving the airport for inspection. If the dog has some problems, please go to the local hospital in time.