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Where is the dresser in the bedroom? The placement position of the dresser and Feng Shui

Almost every family has a dresser, which is usually placed in the master bedroom. What do you say about which direction the dresser should be placed in the master bedroom? Tell you about Feng Shui in placing the dresser in the bedroom:

1. The dresser should not be close to the bedside

The dresser is placed beside the bed. It is easy to be knocked when waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and it will be frightened to see a figure in the mirror when waking up. Timid people had better not put the dresser beside the bed, and people who believe in Feng Shui should not put the dresser beside the bed, which is not conducive to their own luck.

2. The dressing table should not face the door

There is a mirror on the dresser. The mirror should not be opposite to the door, which will form a hedging effect and affect personal development. When placing the dresser, it is recommended to avoid any door, including the door, kitchen door, toilet door, etc.

3. The dresser should be close to the wardrobe

The dresser should be placed as close to the wardrobe as possible to make it look more coordinated. If there is no wardrobe in the room, it is recommended to put it in a corner far from the bed.

4. The dresser should be placed where there is enough light

In the morning, women will dress up. For them, if the dresser is placed in a place with sufficient light, the face looks clearer, the makeup is more convenient, and the overall makeup effect is better after makeup.