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Is menstrual blood clot how to return a responsibility menstruation has blood clot normal many girls' physiological periods are not stable. Due to their physical condition, the symptoms of menstruation are not the same. There are blood clots in normal menstruation, but they are not obvious. But what's wrong with some women's blood clots? Let's get to know each other.

The causes of blood clots in menstrual volume 1: endometrial fragments, etc

Generally speaking, menstruation is a mixture of exfoliated endometrium and blood, which forms menstrual blood. Blood clots appear in menstruation because there is a large shedding of the inner membrane, so it becomes a blood clot, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. But if the endometrium is infected, there will be more bleeding, abdominal pain and other phenomena.

The cause of blood clots in menstrual volume 2: bleeding volume and bleeding speed

There are blood clots in menstrual blood, which are also related to the amount and speed of bleeding. If there is too much bleeding to rush, it will coagulate into a blood clot and be discharged. Usually there is a blood clot, which may have more bleeding at this time, so it will be integrated into a clot.

Is irregular menstruation caused by blood clots

First of all, if the amount of menstruation is too much, it is already menstrual disorder. Too much menstruation for a long time will also affect women's health, such as infertility. But menstruation has blood clot, which is normal in general. If it is not a sudden increase in menstrual volume, there is also a large blood clot, which is generally a normal phenomenon of endometrial shedding. But if it is the above mentioned symptom, it may be caused by menstrual disorders. It is recommended that women with this situation go to a doctor for examination in time.