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Xie Nan calls Yang Zi by the wrong name. Xie Nan mistakenly calls Yang Zi Huang Zi

On January 8, actor Yang Zi attended today's headline event and won the honorary title of all-around star of the year. However, when Yang Zi was ready to take the award on stage, there was an episode. The host Xie Nan mistakenly called Yang Zi Huang Zi. Fortunately, Xie Nan didn't cause great embarrassment even if she changed her mouth.

What's wrong with Xie Nan calling Yang Zi's name

On January 8, the 2019 headline ceremony was grandly held. It can be said that all the hot stars in 2019 were present, but there was an episode that day. Unexpectedly, Xie Nan, as the host, also made the same mistake as Zhu Dan. She called Yang Zi the wrong name and called Yang Zi Huang Zi, but netizens said it was understandable.

After Zhu Dan, Xie Nan also called the wrong star name at the event! On January 8, Xie Nan, the well-known program host and Wu Jing's beloved wife, accidentally made a low-level slip of the tongue when she was hosting a grand ceremony party with Huashao. Restore the scene, when Yang Zi was on stage to receive the 'all-round star of the year' award. Probably because she was wearing a long floor skirt and high-heeled shoes, it was difficult to walk. Yang Zi always looked carefully at the ground when she came on stage, sliding her skirt with her hand, supported by a female staff member. At this time, the host Xie Nan introduced Yang Zi on the stage. When she said that when she presented the award to Miss Yang Zi, she accidentally made a slip of the tongue and said Yang Zi as' yellow purple '. Fortunately, Xie Nan reacted quickly. After blurting out 'Huang Zi', she immediately realized her mistake, changed her tongue and said 'ah bah', and then said 'Award for Miss Yang Zi' according to the normal process. Yang Zi was slightly embarrassed when she heard Xie Nan's slip of the tongue. She smiled and said something to the assistant next to her, and then went on stage.

Xie Nan shouted the wrong star name in the live broadcast. This scene is the same as Zhu Dan's previous names of gulinaza, diri Reba and Chen Linong. When the marketing numbers reported this matter, they were also merciless and said frankly, 'I'm afraid Xie Nan was not infected by Zhu Dan? Call Yang Zi Huang Zi wrong & hellip& hellip;' Interestingly, when Xie Nan called her wrong name, her colleague Zhu Dan was hanging high on the hot search. When she was recording the program, she called ma Sichun the wrong star name again, called ma Sichun 'Wang Sichun', and changed her name to 'ma Sihe' and 'ma Siheng', which was ridiculed by netizens in a new round of group ridicule and ridiculed to be a female version of Han Qiaosheng. Before Zhu Dan's enthusiasm subsided, Xie Nan made a mistake, which is also a tacit understanding between his peers. However, different from Zhu Dan, Xie Nan has the wrong name and has a lot of wind reviews.

Netizens did not sneer at Xie Nan, but many people defended her. It was really unintentional to call her, because she called Huang Lei's name before calling Yang Zi's name, so she accidentally dropped her mouth along the line. It is true. Before Xie Nan said 'Award for Miss Yang Zi', she did say a word to ask Mr. Huang Lei to stay. At that time, Huang Lei presented an award to Zhang Yixing on the stage. After the award, Xie Nan asked him to stay on the stage and then presented an award to Yang Zi. The complete sentence should be, 'please Mr. Huang Lei stay and present the award to Miss Yang Zi'. That's why Xie Nan made a slip of the tongue after asking Mr. Huang Lei not to step down and called Yang Zi 'Huang Zi'.

The fans were very noisy here, but Xie Nan's mood seemed completely unaffected. On the 8 day, Xie Nan was still drying out the photo with Wu Jing in micro-blog. He said today that the two people were in the business. She tucked up the way: "no brother who was willing to be a human form," cos, who make complaints about the performance of the wedding dress studio, has seriously affected my performance. Also online help: 'what do you think I can do, P kill him? Wait online, hurry. " Let netizens eat a wave of dog food. Source: burning wasteland network