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How does the SAPS advertisement repeat? Why does saps stop broadcasting

Original title: what's the matter with the rebroadcasting of saps? Why is it stopped

On March 4, sapais advertisement was replayed on CCTV's 11 sets, so why did sapais advertisement stop? What's the reason? Let's see with the editor!

What's the matter with the rebroadcasting of saps

In December 2017, Zhejiang food and Drug Administration reexamined the advertising content of sapais because the content was questioned and exaggerated. During the reexamination, sapais stopped broadcasting the advertising of "sapais eye drops". On March 4, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the advertisement of sapais was replayed on 11 drama channels of CCTV. The comparison found that the advertisement cut down the previous contents of "fuzzy drops and ghosting drops" and left only the contents of "eye health concerns applicable to early senile cataracts".

It is understood that a previous report, entitled "made sharplove fall into a whirlpool of public opinion. According to the opinion of relevant ophthalmologists quoted in the report, sapais can treat cataracts without surgery by making use of consumers' fear of surgery. According to the report, the approved indication of sapais is "early senile cataract", but the company blurs out the word "early" in its advertisement, advocating that it can prevent and treat cataracts and enumerate the symptoms related to cataracts, so as to replace diseases with symptoms.

At present, no drug has been proved to be effective in preventing or treating cataracts in the world, neither does sapais, nor any other drops, wipes or pills. The only effective treatment is surgery.

According to the content of the rebroadcast of saps eye drops, we can see that the blurring of the word "early" in the previously questioned advertisement has been rectified to "focus on eye health and apply to early senile cataract".

Guo Fanli, a well-known economist and financial commentator, said in an interview with the Beijing Business Daily that the content of the advertisement of sapaeth was not clearly described before, and it was suspected that it exaggerated the propaganda and misled consumers. This time, the content of saps rebroadcast advertisement will replace the vague description with the accurate content, which can alleviate consumers' doubts about the efficacy of the product to a certain extent. However, in recent years, the income of saps is largely dependent on brainwashing advertising, and the modification of the advertising content may have a certain impact on the company's operation. According to the data, from 2011 to 2016, through the advertising bombing, the revenue of saps increased from 409 million yuan to 979 million yuan, and the net profit increased from 68 million yuan to 276 million yuan.

In response to the questions such as whether the company's saps eye drops advertisement has been replayed in an all-round way, whether the advertisement adjustment has an impact on the company's operation and the company's strategy in the future, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily called the office of the Secretary of the board of directors of saps and was told to send the interview outline to the company's mailbox, but as of the time of sending, no relevant reply had been received.

A review of the shakes

On December 2, 2017, the well-known health management platform "Lilac doctor" published an article entitled "selling 750 million brain washing drugs a year, please let go of the Chinese elderly", which exploded the circle of friends and pointed directly to the eye drops of saps. According to the article, in 2016, the advertising cost of saps reached 260 million yuan, while the drug R & D cost was only 29 million yuan. In the advertisement, SAPS eye drops deliberately blurred the indication of "early senile cataract" and misled the patients by replacing the disease name with symptoms.

Subsequently, media reports said that the product cost only 1.45 yuan, but to sell 43.5 yuan a bottle. In 2016, the gross profit reached 94.49%.

On December 4, 2017, Zhejiang sapais Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. issued a clarification notice, saying that sapais eye drops is a safe and effective anti cataract drug. The content of the video advertisement also conforms to the relevant provisions of the advertising law. After the examination and approval of Zhejiang food and drug administration, it has obtained the approval number of the relevant drug advertisement.

Since then, it has been reported in the media that there has been controversy in the advertising of saps before. In November 2012, Changsha pharmaceutical circulation industry association pointed out that seven commodities, such as' sapais', were suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the measures for the examination of pharmaceutical advertising.

On December 6, 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice to the Zhejiang food and Drug Administration on matters related to sapoeth eye drops, requiring 'supervising enterprises to start the clinical effectiveness experiment as soon as possible, and report the evaluation results to the drug evaluation center of the State Food and drug administration within three years', and once again emphasized that the drug advertisement should be adapted strictly in accordance with the instructions The written expression specified in the symptom.

In the evening of June 6, 2017, the listed company sapais announced that the trading was suspended due to the absence of announcement of important matters, and the trading was suspended all day on December 7.

On the morning of December 7, 2017, Zhejiang food and Drug Administration said that it would forward the notice of the State Food and drug administration to sapais company, and asked the company to immediately carry out advertising self inspection, and immediately correct the non-compliance.