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What traditional food do you eat during the lunar new year

What do you eat for the new year? Xiaonian is a traditional Chinese festival and a prelude to the noisy spring festival. It has lasted from Xiaonian to the Spring Festival, and then to the Lantern Festival. But no matter which festival, you can't eat less food, so do you know what to eat in the new year? Let's have a look with Xiaobian

We should eat sesame candy in the new year

When I was young, I wanted to eat sesame candy this day - it is said that Xiaonian is the day for the kitchen god to go to heaven. He went to heaven to report to the emperor of heaven the cost of food and clothing in the past year and other things the emperor of heaven wants to know. Eating sesame candy is to make the kitchen god's mouth stuck by sugar, and can't report the delicious and luxurious scenes of the world to the sky, so as to avoid punishment for people who like to eat and drink -- the new year brings famine and looks forward to a safe and abundant year.

We should eat Kanto sugar in the new year

Guandong sugar is also called kitchen King sugar and lump sugar. During the year, it is only sold around the small year. Kanto sugar is a sugar product made of malt and millet. It is used for sacrificing the kitchen god. The records of Yanjing's old age written by the Qing dynasty recorded that there were 'Guandong sugar' and 'sugar cake' in the offerings to the kitchen in the Qing Dynasty. In the rural and urban areas of Northeast China, there are hawkers in the streets and markets: "big pieces of sugar, big pieces of sugar, crisp and fragrant big pieces of sugar." A large milky sugar, placed on a square plate, is generally three inches long and one inch wide, flat and in the shape of a silk strip. The newly made large piece of sugar is crisp, fragrant, sticky and has a special flavor. It is a kind of sugar loved by men, women and children in Kanto. It has come down from the sacrificial table of the kitchen god and is widely enjoyed by the people.

On the 23rd and 24th of the twelfth lunar month, it is the lunar new year. In urban and rural areas, every family eats dumplings and drinks, Celebrating is like a new year (Spring Festival). In the rural areas of Kanto, there is also a special sacrificial activity to send the kitchen god to heaven on the new year's day. In the old days, no matter rich or poor, as long as they were married, they had to worship the statue of Kitchen God on the wall above the pot table, and paste couplets on both sides of the statue: "Heaven says good things, and the lower world keeps calm." every family regarded Kitchen God as a God and let it dominate The rise and fall of a family is a blessing and a curse. Because they often live in the kitchen all the year round and observe the activities of the family, they naturally become the 'head of the family'.

As early as more than 3000 years ago, the Shang Dynasty began to offer sacrifices to the stove, which became one of the five sacrifices of the son of heaven. Written records before the Han Dynasty called it the kitchen god. After Tang Dynasty, he was also called kitchen king. As for the statement of kitchen king and kitchen Lord, it is a folk statement after the Tang Dynasty. Make his title and title one, and become a God who is awed, loved and feared.

It is said that the kitchen god's name is Zhang Sheng. His family is very rich. Li's daughter-in-law is very virtuous, but she can't bear children. She was divorced by Zhang Sheng. She worked hard and became a rich man. Zhang Sheng's remarried woman was lazy and idle. She lost her family fortune. Xu Xian's wife starved to death. Zhang Sheng lived by begging. When Zhang Sheng went to Li's house to beg for food, they met. Zhang Sheng was ashamed. He plunged into the stove and was burned to death. Zhang Shengsheng admitted his mistake to the Jade Emperor and was granted the title of Kitchen God.

Now, the kitchen god worshipped in the rural areas of Kanto has evolved into the younger brother of the Jade Emperor. The title of kitchen King given to him by the jade emperor has made him an envoy between heaven and earth, as the ears and eyes of the Jade Emperor. Every year on the 23rd and 24th of the twelfth lunar month, he would go back to the heavenly palace to reunite with the Jade Emperor and report on the actions of the family in the year. The Jade Emperor rewarded the good and punished the evil according to the report.