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How to find iPhone backup files how to backup iPhone

How to find iPhone backup files how to backup iPhone in the era of smart phones, mobile phone updates and iterations are very fast. It's a common thing for young people to change mobile phones. However, although mobile phones are easy to change, data is not easy to transfer. For iPhone users, they can do it through backup. For many small white users, they don't know how to back up their mobile phones. Let's see how to back up their iPhones Well, with the detailed process.

Where are Apple iPhone backup files

Open iTunes and connect the device to the computer, and the computer will enhance your trust in the computer, and display the model of the connected device in iTunes. At this time, just click the immediate backup below, and the data will be saved on the computer. As for folders, different versions of computers and systems will be different (it is recommended to check the "view" - "Hide Folder" column in Windows system).

Windows 10 system: C \ \ users \ \ computer user name \ \ appdata \ \ roaming \ \ Apple Computer \ \ mobilesync \ \ backup

Windows XP system: C \ \ documents and settings \ \ user name \ \ application data \ \ Apple Computer \ \ mobilesync \ \ backup

Windows 7 system: C \ \ users \ \ user name \ \ appdata \ \ roaming \ \ Apple Computer \ \ mobilesync \ \ backup

MacOS: resource library / Application Support / mobilesync \ \ backup

However, iTunes backup also has a headache, that is, it will automatically save to the above folder of our c disk; if your C disk capacity is not enough, it is still very troublesome to backup. If you have this trouble, you can modify the backup location according to the article "teach you how to modify the backup file path of iPhone without brain", to help you remove the trouble of data transfer.

Of course, you can also backup data through icloud, and you only need a mobile phone to do it, but the speed is slower than iTunes, and you need enough icloud capacity to accommodate backup data. After a new machine is replaced, you can click "restore from icloud cloud backup" on the "app and data" screen and log in, and select backup to complete the transfer, regardless of where the apple backup file is. If you want to restore the backup on your old phone, you can go to 'Settings' & gt;' general '& gt;' restore ', tap' clear all content and settings', and then complete the above steps.