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Is there a historical person in the horse in the Phoenix courtship? Has the plot been adapted from t

The play "courtship of Phoenix" is of high quality. The actors are all experienced old actors. The plot is also ups and downs, and the production is first-class. Ma Zhongliang, Ma Xueyun's father, has many parts in the play. Is there such a character in history?

Does Ma Zhongliang in the Phoenix prison have a historical prototype?

In fact, Ma Zhongliang is a fictional character. In the Northern Wei Dynasty, there was no prime minister named ma. The prime ministers in the period of Xianwen emperor were: yihun and his slave, Chenshu and grandson, tuobapi, baiyiao.

At that time, there was no Regent King Rongzhi, only the Empress Dowager Feng, Ma Zhongliang and Rongzhi were not historical figures, all of which belonged to the writer's own personal creation.

What are the adaptations of the TV drama fengbaohuang?

1. Character setting: modify the identity of the protagonist and add the original character!

Chu Yu in the original work is a story about a princess who accidentally crossed Shanyin in the South Song Dynasty from the 21st century. In order to change the fate of history and return to the real world, she made a series of actions, and finally joined hands with Rong Zhi to the old age. In order to carry out the task of Tianji Pavilion, Chu Yu has the plot of cat for prince with Chuyu to replace the real Chuyu.

The original plots of Youlan, wangyizhi, tianrujing, etc. have also been cut and modified in the film and television version. At the same time, many original characters have been added in the Northern Wei chapter, such as Huo Fu, Le Yun, Wang Ze, Tianji Pavilion owner / Gu Huan, Ma Xueyun, etc., which can be said to increase the difficulty of Rong Zhi's love with Chu Yu in the Northern Wei Dynasty.

2. Scenario setting: compared with the original, modify the scenario and add a new chapter!

Compared with the three parts of the original work, Yu Zheng also divides the whole plot into three parts: the first part is the Southern Song Dynasty, the second part is the former part of the Northern Wei Dynasty, and the third part is the latter part of the Northern Wei Dynasty.

The plot of the Southern Song Dynasty is almost the same as that of the original. In the original plot, Chu Yu's assassination of Liu ziye, Tianji pavilion's plot, etc. are added. In addition, the important plots such as tolerating the false death and breaking the arm by mistake are narrated in advance. However, the plot of Youlan used by many parties is not shown in the play. In the end, he became Feng Ting's puppet with tolerance of poisoning and amnesia. Chu Yu and Tian Rujing jointly created a different Southern Song Dynasty, ending the Southern Song Dynasty.