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When will vivo 21 be launched? The price configuration information of vivo 21 will be exposed

When will vivo 21 be launched? The price configuration information of vivo 21 will be exposed last year was the start year of comprehensive screen, but most manufacturers only achieved 18:9 screen. This year, many manufacturers began to work hard to improve the screen share, so did domestic manufacturers OV and vivox21. As a successor, vivox21 is also trying to improve the screen share as much as possible.

New products of vivo X21 have begun to warm up, and it is believed that they will be sold offline in the near future, so when will vivo X21 be sold? How much will it cost? Let's have a look.

Vivo's upcoming flagship machine is called vivo X21, which belongs to the next generation of X20 released last year. At present, vivo 21 has passed the national 3C certification, and from the certification information, the model includes vivo 21, vivo 21ud, vivo 21a, vivo 21uda four versions, among which UD version and the previous vivo 20plus screen fingerprint version are named similarly, so UD version is the screen fingerprint version.

Vivo X21 configuration information

In general, vivo 21 series may include four versions, including vivo X21, vivo x21plus, vivo X21 off screen fingerprint version and vivo x21plus off screen fingerprint version. The former is non off screen fingerprint design, and is expected to remain the traditional post fingerprint design, with a cheaper price. The latter is a large and small screen version with screen fingerprint design.

When is vivo X21 available

In terms of listing time, according to the experience of previous years, vivo 21 may be slightly later than oppor15, roughly released in April and may, and will be listed soon after release. Of course, it can't be ruled out. It should be released before oppo. The details should be subject to the official announcement of vivo.

Vivo X21 price

The price of the previous generation of vivo X20 starts from RMB 2998, while the price of the ordinary version of vivo X21 as an alternative version is still about RMB 3000, while the price of the off screen fingerprint version will be about RMB 100-300, and the price should not change much, but the price of the off screen fingerprint high configuration version of vivo x21plus may be close to RMB 4000.