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What kind of people will get depression? What are the causes and harms of depression

What kind of people will get depression? What are the causes and harms of depression in recent years, more and more depression stars have been exposed, and even some of them have committed suicide, which has caused a storm of public opinion. In fact, the high incidence of depression is not only in the entertainment circle. In our ordinary life, due to various pressures and effects such as work, family and environment, people will suffer from depression if they can't be dredged for a long time. Let's take a look at the causes of depression What are the causes of the disease? And what are the hazards of depression?

Why is a famous person a major depression sufferer

Entertainment circle is a circle that most people yearn for, because it's bright and makes a lot of money, but at the same time, it's also a high incidence area for Stars suffering from depression. Not to mention how many celebrities in China suffer from depression, more than 40% of people in South Korea alone suffer from the disease, 30% of them tend to commit suicide.

We all want to know why people are prone to this kind of disease. So, Xiaobian will explain to you why the popular sentiment is a high incidence population suffering from this disease!

1. The working pressure is too high

Don't look at the bright job of stars. In fact, they are freelancers. If their fame is good, there may be many notices on the street. If their fame is poor, they will not only receive fewer notices, but also have less income. Simply speaking, the income is not fixed. In addition, the competitive pressure in this circle is very encouraging, so is the pressure of stars themselves It is more normal.

Their own pressure over nature will lead to long-term insomnia, emotional anxiety, serious will lead to psychological depression.

2. It is easy to have a serious sense of loss

I've heard about the ups and downs of my career. Most people have never heard of the ups and downs of my mood. In fact, the ups and downs of my mood are common among celebrities. Because most people in the entertainment circle think that they will be famous one day, but if they are famous, they are afraid that they will be angry one day. In short, their emotions are constantly changing greatly.

In addition to the above factors will lead to emotional loss of celebrities, there is also a very important reason, that is, external factors. In recent years, there have been too many star plastic surgeries. In this circle, which depends not only on strength but also on beauty, the beauty of face is very important.

If one's face can't reach the recognition of one's own or the outside world, one's heart will be sure to have a great sense of loss, frustration and other negative emotions, which will easily lead to depression in the long run.

3. Their emotions are constantly suppressed

Ordinary people will have family and friends around them. If they encounter any problems or difficulties, they will get support, help and comfort. But stars are not like this. Because of the particularity of their profession, they can't always have family members or friends around like normal people. If their emotions fail to be comforted in time, and they can't find the right person to talk to in a short time, their psychological pain can't be released, so their emotions will be suppressed, in other words, they will be depressed in their hearts.

Bad mood is always in the heart, which is not good for oneself. It is easy to increase the probability of suffering from depression. Because the emotion is not released, it is easy to cause people to have the phenomenon of being unable to think, which leads to abnormal thinking, and may cause people to have the idea of rashness.

Why stars suffer from this disease has been explained above. For the above three reasons, I think the normal people will think these are small things. In fact, the normal people can't feel the pressure that stars have to bear. No matter celebrities or other people, if you find your own mood abnormal, do not ignore it, because when depression develops to a certain extent, it will do great harm to the human body.

What is the harm of depression to human body

1. Sleep disorders

For people with depression, it is normal to have frequent sleep disorders, in other words, insomnia. Long term insomnia will not only affect daily life, but also personal mental state will change greatly, such as general fatigue, slow response and so on.

2. It is easy to make heart, lung, brain and other organs abnormal

The appearance of symptoms such as expression dullness, chest tightness and inappetence is related to the abnormality of organs, but these organ abnormalities are closely related to depression.

3. Suicidal

According to the survey data, if suffering from depression and not treated in time, people tend to commit suicide, mainly because their emotions can not be cathartic, resulting in abnormal emotions, extreme thinking, etc.

Conclusion: the initial performance of depression is not obvious, some people even if suffering from diseases are not aware, so it is necessary to have a psychiatrist. No matter the stars or the normal people, they must pay attention to their own mental health, not underestimate it.